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How to Generate your UNSW Program Code FOR NEW APPLICANTS/STUDENTS

UNSW program codes, how to find, generate and use for new students or applicants -
We'll explain and show you all you need to know about how to sign up, get and use your UNSW Login ID.

The UNSW Official website has a separate platform known as Identity Manager. This site manages everything that has to do with creating your ID - UAC, reset passwords, other changes and activities etc that has to do with your account with UNSW official website.

NOTE: If you're NOT NEW and already have a working UAC ID/Login info, please do not use this Identity Manager page to register anymore, simply go to the Identity manager homepage and login from there.

To confirm your identity you will need to enter the appropriate information in the form below and they will match this to the data held in the UNSW official website's system. If you do not know the required details, please contact the appropriate person in UNSW administration (i.e. Student Admissions, your departmental supervisor etc.)

FOR NEW APPLICANTS/STUDENTS - Local / Australian Students

As a new user/student, registration at the UNSW Identity Manager is almost very simple,  go here to start your Registration.

As seen after viewing the clicked link, the page is mainly for local students (Australian) /people interested in working or studying at UNSW, so you'll provide your:

  • Date of Birth
  • Australian home address's Postcode - 4 digit Australian postcode only e.g. 2032

Finding your UAC codes 

Finding your UAC codes - For UNSW local and international Students is made easy. Go to this page, you'll see a list of all courses/programs offered, select your own and copy the UAC Code.

After then you may come back to finish up your registration if you have not.