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UNSW Scholarships Registration "My Application Online" | Apply or Login Here

MyUNSW Application Online and Scholarships Registration Guide - This article briefs and explains the basics on how to register for future students of UNSW in Australia, it applies to both local and international students. Therefore, upon using this guide, you'll get a step-by-step guide on how to go about your applications/registration online for fresh UNSW Scholarships. Including all you need to know that is required to apply for the entry into UNSW to study for undergraduate and/or postgraduate programs (degrees) at Australia's best global university, UNSW in Sydney.

Before you can login to your UNSW account, you would be any of the following below:

  • A UNSW student
  • Or a UNSW student/staff

If you're not a UNSW student, then you can apply using the instructions as shown here below.

We are assuming that you're interested in applying as a new UNSW student through Scholarships, then this guide is for you. Follow the steps carefully below.

1. Open the UNSW My Application Online official site

There are 2 modes through which you can apply - 

a. Applications through UAC - As an already registered student of UNSW

b. Domestic Undergraduate (includes high school leavers), Domestic Postgraduate and 

International: - This applies to new local and international  students seeking for admissions into UNSW via Scholarships.

Now you might be get stuck at the UAC application/login numbers, how you can generate or find your UAC Codes displayed on this page.

Under UAC/Student number use your nine digit UAC Application number (e.g.123456789).

If you do not yet have a UAC Number, please temporarily use a 9 digit number - e.g. your Board of Studies number with a leading "1" (e.g. "112345678") or alternative number. You MUST ensure you update this to a valid UAC Number as soon as you receive it and prior to submitting any scholarship applications.

2. Direct Applications to UNSW

International: Under UAC/Student number enter two zero's followed by your seven digit UNSW Student ID without the "z" (e.g. 003112233).

All other Domestic Postgraduate and External Honours applicants Under UAC/Student number enter two zero's followed by your sevent digit UNSW Student ID without the "z" (e.g. 003112233).
Please note when logging back into the website after you have registered, your "Login Type" is classified as 'I am not a UNSW Student' you are then required to enter your nine digit number that you have registered with (e.g.003112233).

3. Select Future UNSW Students (Local and international)

UNSW My Application Online

As seen in our screenshot guide above.

4. On the Section asking for Your Login ID, move the right side and input your UAC code (how to find your UAC code is here).

5. Proceed to create your password,
Further scroll down and input your correct details for your Contact Details, Email Address, Contacts details,
Student Type & Citizenship etc.

Be sure all information you provide are correct before clicking Submit.