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Australia’s New Temporary Sponsored Visa For Parents

Australia is one among the most widely popular immigration destinations across the world. Every immigrant aspirant of overseas immigration dream to obtain the visa in Australia.

In 2017, Australia was in news in view of its number of different immigration updates and rule changes. Read on to know more about this newly introduced Australian visa.

New Temporary Sponsored Visa for Parents

On May 5, 2017, the government of Australia officially announced the launch of a new temporary sponsored parent visa.

This temporary sponsored parent visa was planned for the parents of the Australian citizens and permanent residents to come to Australia and spend lengthy time with their children in Australia.

This visa doesn’t take the place of any existing visa, however, it permits Australians to sponsor their parents to Australia to reside here up to five years. The program ensures that parents granted visa to Australia don’t place the extra burden on Australia health care system.

There are 2 categories under this visa type based on the duration: the three-year visa as well as, Five-year visa.

Who Can Apply for This Visa?

This visa was designed for parents and step-parents of Australian citizens and permanent residence as well as for qualified New Zealand citizens.
The stepparents can be eligible for this visa if they are still in the relationship with the biological parent of Australian citizen or permanent resident sponsoring the visa. Only Two people per family can be sponsored under this type visa at one time.

Key Requirement to apply for new parent visa

below are the major requirements for the new parent visa:
  • Parent opting for this visa must have an Australian child approved as a sponsor
  • Parent need to meet identity, health and character criteria
  • Parent must not have any outstanding public health debt in Australia
  • Parent are also require to secure a health insurance from an Australian provider valid for their period of stay in Australia.

Visa Fee for New Parent Category Visa

The Visa Application payment for new Visa is as follows:
  • The Five-year visa will be AUD10,000
  • The Three-year visa will be AUD5, 000.
If you wish to apply for the relevant visa in Australia, it’s best you secure the help of a certified MARA registered immigration consultancy firm or expert to guide you through the process.