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Guide to Canada's Immigration Nominee Program with Low CRS Score

Do you Have Low CRS Score? Here's a helpful guide that will help you still make it into Canada's immigration nominee program.

“If you have got a score that’s below those being drawn through express Entry, there are still several different potential opportunities,” said David Cohen, senior partner with the campbell, Cohen Canadian immigration law firm in Montreal. “Even if you’re unable to get into the pool, base nomination streams will offer a pathway to permanent residence.”

There are 2 types of provincial nomination streams:

  • Enhanced nomination streams, that are linked to express Entry
  • Base nomination streams, that don't seem to be connected with express Entry


Where Can I Apply for Canadian Province Nominee Programs with Low or No CRS Score?

All 9 provinces and 2 territories that participate in the PNP have enhanced nomination streams connected to the express Entry system. You can go here to see how you can track your nomination streams for Canada PNP

Many of those streams hold their own draws that usually have minimum CRS scores that are not up to express Entry draws. for instance, the Province of Alberta has invited candidates with CRS scores as low as 300 this year.

Other provinces, like Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia, have enhanced nomination streams that don't consider a candidate’s CRS score.

Candidates who are chosen through enhanced nomination streams are invited to apply for a provincial nomination. If they're successful, they receive a further 600 points towards their express Entry CRS score and are effectively secure a request to use for Canadian permanent residence.

Provinces even have their own “base” nomination streams that aren't aligned with express Entry. These will provide people who may not be eligible for Express Entry however have skills or education that are needed by a given province with a pathway to Canadian permanent residence.

Many provinces have base streams that price specific qualifications or occupations (e.g., physicians, childcare staff, or long-haul truck drivers).

Other base streams are suited for people who have hung out within the province as a student or visitor or have a family or friend affiliation.