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How do I Migrate to Canada as Caregiver? Everything You Need to Know

Do you know there are people who migrate to Canada as a caregiver? Every year in Canada the number of people who comes into Canada keeps on increasing in numbers. 

In 2018, the Canadian government closed the pathway for caregivers to migrate into the country. It was a temporary pathway for migrants to get a permanent residence as a caregiver
In the following year, two new immigration programs for caregivers were later introduced.

If you need Canada immigration Help, and you're asking How do I Migrate to Canada as Caregiver in 2021? This guide will show and help you learn how you can achieve that successfully.

Who is a Caregiver?

This is an unpaid individual with no formal training to assist people with their daily lives or routines. They are used to address various impediments amongst people such as sclerosis, mental imbalance, illness, diseases, old age, etc. In Canada, they need this set of people who can render this social services to people living with impediments.

Anyone who is applying as a caregiver migrant in Canada must be up to 18 years and above. They might also be in charge of different functions such as children's supervision, direct care, helping the aged ones, etc.

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Types of Caregiver Programs

There are basically two types of these programs:
  • In-home Caregiver
  • Live-in Caregiver 

Types of Caregivers Program in Canada: Explained 

1. In-home Caregiver: This refers to someone who is working inside a private residence

2. Live-in Caregiver: This is someone who resides in a private residence from where they offer caregiver services to people.

Qualities of a Caregiver

There are certain qualities a caregiver who wants to migrate to Canada must possess, and here they are:

This is important for any Caregiver to have because without this such a person won't be able to offer rapt attention to patients who are in need. It is only those who have compassion that will figure the pain such a patient is undergoing.

Due to the reason that the Caregiver will be given access to the patient's important belongings, it is required for the Caregivers to be someone who can be relied on. There are situations whereby a Caregiver might steal a patient's belonging, and this will be so bad.

People who offer care to patients who are being disabled need to be patient in order to give them audience. As a result of the Caregiver being patient, he or she can also understand that there are changes that might take place during the care given to the patient.

The Caregiver should be able to give attention to get the emotional or physical problems of the patient. There are cases in which the patient is undergoing excruciating pain, due to this they won't be able to voice out their pain.

Functions of a Caregiver

The various roles of a Caregiver need to be fully understood before anyone who is making a plan to move to Canada as a Caregiver migrant. These are the following roles of a Caregiver:

  1. They are good caretakers based on the different kinds of works they perform such as arranging household materials, carrying out daily activities, checking for signs and symptoms of patients.
  2. They study the different roles carrying out by different health care workers and also look for ways to complement their works.
  3. They act as a mediator between patients, and medical doctors.
  4. They offer emotional support to patients throughout medical treatments.
  5. They are better advocates in the sense they are more concerned about the interest of patients.

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Requirements for Canada Nanny Visa and Caregiver jobs for Foreign Workers 2020

There are basic criteria that are essential for one to have before they can be considered eligible to have a Nanny visa in Canada, and the following are important:
  • A secondary diploma to match up the educational standard in Canada.
  • Six months of working experience as a Caregiver.
  • A good communication in writing and speaking these two languages - English and French.
  • Medical history from a certified health centres.
  • A police record to show the person has no crime history.
  • A signed contract of employment
Where to Apply for Canada Caregiver jobs and Nanny Jobs?
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Different Salaries Structures for a Caregiver in Canada

There are different salaries a Caregiver can earn every month. This depends on the region and the type of work. The following are the average approximated salaries of Caregivers who work in these following regions in 2020, also note that the salaries are subject to change in future:

Ontario - $29,250

Manitoba - $23,400

Alberta - $29,250

British Columbia - 31,200

New Brunswick - $25,350

Caregivers Agencies in Canada

Should incase you're looking to find Caregiver Agency in Canada, either for Foreign Workers 2020 or perhaps you need their Services, there are numerous Caregivers we can find in Caregiver Agencies in Canada, here they are:

  • Global Nannies & Caregivers Agency Ltd, New Westminster, Canada.
  • Niagara Caregivers & Personnel Ltd, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
  • International Nannies & Homecare, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
  • Able Nannies & Caregivers, New Westminister, Canada.
  • ACE Personnel Domestic Services Inc, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Age Limit for Caregivers in Canada

There is an age limit to those who have the intention of traveling to Canada as Caregivers. In respect to gender, the ages are still the same thing. It is quite normal for anyone who wants to apply a Caregiver to be a citizen of Canada or foreign youths who fall within the age bracket of 18 to 35 years of age. While in some countries, the stipulated age limit is usually from 18 to 29 or 30 years old.

How Do I Become a Caregiver through the Live-in Caregiver Program?

These are the following processes for one who wants to be a Caregiver via the Live-in Caregiver Program in Canada:

1. Filling of the post with a Canadian citizen, a post for caregiver job is listed under NOC, Canada National Occupational Classification

2. The citizen should Be able to pay the Caregivers

3. Provide for Canada Caregivers

4. Provides job for the Caregivers

Will a Family Member Receive Income to be a Caregiver in Canada?

There are various ways a family can be paid, and they come in the form of insurance benefits or federal tax credits such as compassionate care benefits, family caregiver tax benefits, disability tax credit, etc. The Caregivers need to obtain adequate income for the tax credit to be meaningful.

Caregivers are still needed in Canada based on different people who are in need of people to take care of various people such as the aged, pregnant mothers, feeble ones, etc. In addition to this, the essential documents should be ready for Canada migration to become successful.