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What are the Basic Australian Visitor Visa Requirements?

Basic Australian Visitor Visa Requirements

Are you planning on visiting Australia for a short time? Do you know the Australian visitor visa requirements? This visa allows you to visit Australia as a visitor, to see loved ones or for purposes other than business or medicinal treatment and you can remain as long as a year.

Fundamental Eligibility

  • be a certified visitor
  • have enough monetary funds to support your stay

Australian Visitor Visa requirements

Passport: A Valid passport (legitimate at least half year after return date), and an ensured duplicate of the passport.

The Australian High Commission is presently giving Label-Free visas for all candidates wishing to go to Australia. Applications no longer require physical passport only a duplicate copy is required. It would be ideal if you guarantee that your email address is clear on the application form to avoid unwanted delays.

We further suggest that you include your business card in the application to guarantee no mistakes are made with the email address. The Australian High Commission maintains whatever authority is needed to demand further documentation or potentially the physical identification whenever.

Application Form: Form 1419 and 956 and the Relevant Tourist Check List. The inability to finish the application form and Checklist in full may bring about the visa being postponed or won't be issued. On the off chance that the candidate has made a trip to Australia over the most recent 10 years, no extra documentation is required, except for a passport photograph, and their Passport.

On the off chance that the candidate has not made a trip to Australia previously, at that point the following extra documentation is required (requirement are below).


Passport Photographs:

One-color photo – On a white background, in particular, Expression must be nonpartisan, No teeth appearing, no grinning, the head must fill the majority of the photograph, and should look straight into the camera and be clear with a sharp core focus.


An invitation letter from the individual the candidate will stay with OR/
Verification of accommodation (resort, hotel and so on) reservations.


Schedule from a trip specialist with proposed travel and takeoff dates.
Kindly don't buy your air ticket until the visa has been gotten. An air ticket isn't a visa requirement and does not lead to a visa being allowed.


Last 3 months ORIGINAL or CERTIFIED COPIES of bank statements preceding the date of flight indicating your name and current record balance. Or on the other hand/

Most recent 3 months ORIGINAL or CERTIFIED COPIES of the bank statement from the supporting host in Australia. Alongside these bank statements, please write a letter from the host demonstrating their eagerness to do as such.

Note that: Funds in accounts must be accessible and not held in venture accounts and so forth. NO INTERNET OR ATM STATEMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Medical report:

Original letter from an Australian board doctor expressing you are fit to travel.

Travel Insurance:

Which takes care of full medical expenses. A chest assessment from an AUSTRALIAN APPROVED PANEL RADIOLOGISTS. If it's not too much trouble, supply the two forms and X-ray plates. (Possibly required whenever stay in Australia is longer than 3 months)

Processing cost: Pay the application charge

Processing times:

21 working days, please know that processing times may differ depending on your country.

These are the basic Australian visitor visa requirements, if you can meet all these requirements then you should have no reason to stress yourself about coming to Australia for a visit.