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What is the Cost and Processing time for Canada Permanent Resident Visa?

What is Canada's Permanent Resident Visa Cost and Processing time?

Canada Permanent Resident Visa

Canada Permanent Residence process is the method to apply for Canada Permanent Resident Visa also known as Canada PR. Although there are several legal ways you can successfully get your Canada PR Visa, under the Express Entry program.

Canada PR Visa enables the holder to live, work or concentrate anyplace in the nation for a length of five years.

Expense and Processing time for Canada Permanent Resident Visa

To apply for Canada Permanent Residence Visa, the applicant is required to present the accompanying charges to the IRCC:
  • Application or cost expense (Without Right of Permanent Residence charge) – CAD $550
  • Application expense (Processing charge ($550) and Right of Permanent Residence Fee ($490)) – CAD $1040
  • Include life partner or accomplice (without Right of Permanent Residence Fee) – CAD $550
  • Include a needy kid – CAD $150 per youngster

In case of any uncertainties, remember that you can also opt in for a travel insurance or get an immigration lawyer. This insurance covers several things such as health expenses, disruption cost, hospitalization, lost luggage, trip cancellation, document replacement, death, etc. It is essential for Canadian citizens to buy into these insurance plans in order to secure them from any form of accidents.

There are some insurance services which are limited. Different insurance providers have their terms and conditions in providing an insurance policy.

Duration or Processing time for Canada PR 

The Canada Permanent Residence process takes around 6 to 8 months.
Discussing the handling of an application for Canada PR Visa, it significantly relies upon the immigration program through which the foreigner or applicant has applied for in the Canada PR.

When a candidate can get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) and have presented their application to IRCC within 60 days, their application is handled within the time bracket of 6 to 8 months.