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How do I Get Canada Work Visa in 2022/2023? Easy Steps

work VISA in Canada

The current year 2022 has been all dramatic, and the immigration scene has been affected also. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way work is being done all over the world and this has affected the way immigrants are permitted to work in Canada.

Obtaining a work VISA is a prerequisite that most migrants must obtain before they can be permitted to move over to Canada, as it details their activity in the Nation and also controls the extent of their stay there.

Specifically, who needs a Canadian work VISA?
The Canadian work VISA is for migrants already staying in Canada or prospects processing a temporary resident VISA (TRV).

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So what does it entail to apply for a Canadian work VISA? Well, it's simple, needing the following processes:

Easy steps to get a work VISA or Permit in Canada in 2021/2022

  1. Choose Your Work Permit

In applying for a Canadian work VISA, there are two different types of work VISA for which you must take note of:
  • The Openwork permit, and
  • Employer-specific Work permit

The Openwork permit allows an immigrant to work for anyone or anywhere in Canada and there is no specific limit of how you're able to work in the country.
Open Work permits include the following:
  • Temporary Work Permits for Spouses or Partners;
  • Post Graduation Work Permit;
  • Temporary Resident Permit;
  • World Youth Program Permit;
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program Spousal Permit;
  • Regular Open Work Permit; and.
  • Birding Open Work Permit.

The Employer-specific Work permit on the other hand is a limited permit that only allows the holder to work for a specific employer and under already outlined guidelines, which must be kept.
So in applying for a Canadian work VISA, you'll have to choose one of the above, supplying every needed detail to complete the form.

  1. Select the location/entry type of VISA you wish to apply for. 

In this specific section of the application form, the applicant will be mandated to select which type of permit he/she needs, from an option of three which are:
  • Outside Canada; this is specifically for foreigners seeking to obtain permission to work in Canada. 
  • Inside Canada; This is for immigrants already living in Canada but didn't obtain a work permit prior to their entry, probably because they initially traveled for a different purpose, e.g. students. 
  • At a port of entry; immigrants can apply for a work permit at an entry port through which they're entering Canada. 
Whatever the option you select, please ensure it fits your travel purposes, as a false application might cause trouble for you in the future.
  1. Eligibility

Next, the applicant must verify his/her eligibility to obtain a Canadian work VISA.
The eligibility criteria are well spelled out by the Canadian high commission, prominent of which are;
  • The applicant must have a clean criminal record
  • The applicant must be filling in for an in-demand workforce
  • Investors are welcome to apply
  • Highly-skilled individuals are also asked to apply for the Canadian work Visa
  • The applicant must meet certain prescribed health requirements


4. Submit Your Application

Having you gone through the above-outlined processes, the applicant can then go ahead to complete and submit his/her application for the Canadian work VISA through the dedicated Canadian website.

After completing the above processes, the applicant can then hopefully wait for approval by the Canadian high commission.

That will be all you need to know about the Canadian work VISA, so carefully go through this article and make the right application for which you're sure to get a 70% approval probability.
Thanks for reading through, and if you have got any comments, please write them in the comment box and we'll be grateful to know your opinion. The best of luck.