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Canada Temporary Resident VISA (TRV) 2022 | How to Apply

Apply for Canada Temporary Resident VISA (TRV) 2020
After reading this guide or tutorial article, you will discover some of the best ways on how you can apply for your Canada Temporary Resident Visa, TRV in 2022. The Visa is meant to people or immigrants who only want to visit Canada and stay there for a temporary period of time.

Canada is among the Top 10 best immigrant destinations in recent times as recorded by the Migration Policy Institute, this means that every year thousands of applications are sent in for Canadian Temporary Resident VISA (TRV), but not all of these applications are approved and one major reason given by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is that many of the applications they receive are inconclusive.

Having recognized the pain it causes the applicants or aspiring immigrants to have their applications rejected, we have set out a proven guideline that every applicant can follow for them to obtain a straight approval for his/her VISA application.

The first thing that you must realize as an applicant is that there are two different basic types of VISA, namely;
  1. Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) - simply known as the Visitor Visa. 
  2. Permanent Resident Visa PRV
Now as an immigrant, the proper VISA to apply for is the first one - the TRV. Applying for the PRV as an immigrant will result in outright rejection because it's only meant for individuals who have a valid permanent Canadian residency.

Tutorial for Online Application for Visitor Visa 2022 (Canada Temporary Resident Visa - TRV)

To apply for a TRV, the applicant is required to fill out a Canada temporary visa application form, this form is easily obtainable from the government of Canada's immigration website. The form can also be obtained from the Canadian embassy located at the applicant's present country of residence.

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The applicant must complete the form, providing every required detail that is requested in the form; if his/her application must be considered.
At this point, it's necessary to state that the TRV application actually has a format that must be followed.

Before you apply, please ensure to follow the guidelines below:

1) Gather all the necessary documents (scan them if you're applying online before you submit).
2) Complete the application form, please ensure you fill in every required detail.
3) Pay the required fees
4) Submit the application.

Following the above guidelines is one sure way you can get your TRV approved as quickly as possible, anything different and you might be required to pay another application fee at a later time to get your TRV reviewed and approved.

For the documents list, here is a comprehensive list as made available on the official website of the Canadian government.
Now there are a couple of things you must know before sending in an application for the Canadian VISA.

First, you must have an essential reason for wanting to travel to Canada; the government of Canada in response to the COVID-19 pandemic has issued a travel restriction that only allows foreigners to come to Canada for essential purposes only. - This includes students, migrant health workers, and every other person traveling for purposes that are recognized as essential.
Second, you must ensure your present residential country is not among those banned by the government of Canada.

Third, Have all the essential documents ready, and make sure you don't have criminal records that could hamper your travel opportunity.
Fourth, Have a valid international passport, and ensure you have enough money that will sustain your stay in Canada.

The cost of the Canadian temporary resident VISA (TRV) is a fixed $100 (Canadian dollars) for a single applicant. You can also read our guide on how much it may cost you to migrate to Canada.

So that's basically what you need to know to make a good application for the Canadian TRV.

If you've got any questions concerning the application, please put them down on the comment section and we'll do our best to give you adequate answers. Also, check the Canadian immigration website page to know more.
Wishing you a successful Canada Temporary Resident VISA application.