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[Updated] List of Universities and Colleges in Sydney | New South Wales 2022, 2023

List of Universities and Colleges in Sydney in New South Wales available for admission in 2022 - Have you been looking for the best list of universities and /or colleges you can find in Sydney, New South Wales. This should provide you with most of the info, and by the end of of this post you should have a known a good number of the colleges and universities based in Sydney and New South Wales, Australia.

With a population of 6.7 million, New South Wales is the country's most populous state, Sydney is the capital of the New South Wales, and is also the most populous city in Australia and Oceania.

List of Universities and Colleges in Sydney | New South Wales

New South Wales (abbreviated as NSW) is a state on the east coast of Australia. Being the country's most populous state, it bears quite a good number of universities and colleges which will be best listed here, including the universities'and college contacts, addresses (City/town where they are located), Campus availability,  and any other brief info you'll need to know in this article about the universities found in NSW - New South Wales, Australia.

Some facts surrounding the educational backgrounds of the city of New South Wales and Sydney:
  • The universities based outside Sydney serve other cities and regional centres in NSW. Most also have a Sydney campus.
  • Collectively, NSW universities teach 390,000 students, including 78,000 from overseas.
  • NSW also has campuses of 8 other Australian universities. As the list shows, NSW has 56 campuses in total.

Before moving on, you should note that most of these Universities in New South Wales can be found in Sydney, since Sydney is a huge city and holds some of the best universities and colleges that the country of Australia had produced.

In no particular order, we'll begin this list with the top 10 best Universities in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Here are the universities/colleges in New South Wales and Sydney:

Campus     University                                          City or Town      Name

Main     Australian Catholic University          Sydney               North Sydney
Main     Charles Sturt University                  Wagga Wagga
Main     Macquarie University                          Sydney               North Ryde
Main     Southern Cross University                  Lismore
Main     University of New England          Armidale
Main     University of New                               South Wales       Sydney Kensington
Main     University of Newcastle                  Newcastle       Callaghan
Main     University of Sydney                          Sydney                Camperdown/Darlington
Main     University of Technology Sydney  Sydney City
Main     University of Wollongong                  Wollongong


We'll update this list of the Universities and Colleges from time to time, if any changes become applicable to them.