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Top 10 Best Jobs in Australia for foreigners with high acceptance rate | Where to Apply

Best Jobs in Australia for foreigners

After reading this post, you will discover the best top 10 jobs for both skilled and unskilled immigrants or foreigners coming to Australia, the listed jobs are high demand jobs in Australia hence they have high number of acceptance rate immediately the applicants are qualified.

Australia is the dream destination for most migrants all over the world, and the reason is not far-fetched as Australia is rated among the countries with the best living standards all over the world and the country also has a fair migrant acceptance policy which allows for thousands of migrants to move into the country yearly.

Moving to Australia however comes with its costs, and for a migrant moving over from a developing country, the cost of living in Australia is quite high which means the migrant must have a good-paying source of income to fund his/her stay in the country.

So are you a migrant to Australia or a prospective migrant and you're considering a good-paying job opportunity in Australia, whether you're applying for skilled or unskilled jobs in Australia/New Zealand; you've got no worry as you've landed on the right page that will give you all the information you need to get a fair source of income in Australia.


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This list is only made of legal jobs in Australia, so be rest assured that whatever role that is enlisted here is well approved and accepted by the Australian Government.


Top 10 Best Jobs in Australia for foreigners with a high acceptance rate and High Demand

Fruit picking
Fruit picking in Australia: One of the prominent opportunities for migrants in Australia is in the agricultural sector, where there is a constant demand for fruit pickers. To apply, click here.

Welding in Australia: There are also opportunities for Welders in Australia, so if you are skilled in this profession then there is good news for you and you are free to apply for an opportunity in welding here.

Domestic Cleaning
Domestic Cleaning Jobs In Australia: There is a high demand for domestic cleaners in Australia, this is as there are increasing numbers of households in the country thereby creating the need for domestic assistants to help do necessary household cleaning. To get one of such jobs, apply here.

Programmers and Software Developer roles
Programmers and Software Developer Jobs in Australia: Immigrants to Australia who are skilled in computer programming also have vacancies to work in the tech sector of the Nation. With the rise of high-tech businesses, the need for programmers is ever rising, and any immigrant possessing this skill is well welcome to work in Australia, to land this role check out opportunities here

Software Engineering
Software Engineering in Australia: The IT space is a rapidly growing sector of the global economy and Australia as a nation is not left behind, hence the ever-increasing opportunities for skilled workers in the IT industry, and migrants are most welcome to work in this space. Software engineers are in high demand in Australia, if you possess this highly coveted skill, you can apply for a role here.

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Engineering Jobs in Australia: Trained and certified engineers are also needed in Australia, this is to fill in the void created by the quickly growing range of technologies in the country. To be exact, engineers trained in fields such as computer engineering, mechanical engineering, agricultural engineering, chemical engineer, civil engineering, and a few others are welcome to work in Australia. To get an engineering role in Australia, apply here.

Architecture Jobs in Australia: Australia is also in dear need of well-skilled architects to help in the Nation's many developmental projects, hence if you're a certified architect who's also well-skilled with contemporary/modern designs, then you're welcome to apply here.


Chefs/Cooks Jobs in Australia: Australians love good food also, so there is an ever-present opportunity for migrants who're exceptionally trained in culinary activities. This of course means that you've got an advantage to get quickly employed as an Australian migrant, and you can quickly apply for a chef role here.


Teaching Jobs in Australia: Are you a trained/certified teacher? Then Australia needs you. Teachers, prominently science teachers, are wanted in Australia. This does not exempt any particular teaching role, so don't hesitate to apply still even if you're not a science teacher. To check out teaching roles in Australia click here.

Driving jobs
Driver Jobs in Australia for Foreigners:
This role is confessedly a less-skilled role that demands little or no skills other than the ability to safely chauffeur a vehicle, but then you must be tested and approved by the Australian government before you can be allowed to function as a driver.
To check out available jobs for drivers in Australia, click here.

This brings to the end of our list. Please note that the information provided above is based on verified research, and is not necessarily the opinion of the Australian Government. However, you can trust the above in making your migration plans to Australia.