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What are the Best Jobs for New Immigrants in Canada 2021/ 2022?

Best jobs for new Immigrants in Canada

What are the Best Jobs for New Immigrants in Canada 2022?

Migrating to one's dream nation is one of the major goals of many people all over the globe, and Canada has been registered as the major destination of migrants in the recent past.

However, migration comes with its relative cost and it is essential that every migrant have a sustainable means of income with which to fund his/her sojourn in a foreign country. This major worry has plagued many migrants all over the world, including Canadian migrants, with many having been forced to return to their country of origin due to financial instability.

Perhaps this worry is also relative to you as a new migrant to Canada or you're a prospective migrant and you're worried if you'll find good jobs in Canada, maybe you're concerned about the possibility of landing a highly paid job in Canada?

Now, you need not worry anymore as we have registered 10 sure sources of income well suited for Canadian migrants, the jobs also have a high acceptance rate for new Canadian immigrants of foreigners this 2022

Top 10 best jobs for New immigrants in Canada in 2021 and 2022

1) Driver: This role is confessedly a less-skilled role that demands little or no skills other than the ability to safely chauffeur a vehicle, but then you must be tested and approved by the Canadian government before you can be allowed to function as a driver.

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2) Receptionist: Canada has experienced an upsurge of startup businesses in recent years, and these companies are seeking people skilled in human relations to fill in for the roles of receptionists. This role is ideal for you if you're well-skilled in people-handling.

3) Welder: Welders are people trained in welding which includes the melting and joining of metal pieces to create new materials. Those trained in this particular skill are also in high demand presently, in Canada.

4) Developer/programmer: Immigrants to Canada who are skilled in computer programming also have vacancies to work in the tech sector of the Nation. With the rise of high-tech businesses, the need for programmers is ever rising, and any immigrant possessing this skill will be highly sought for in Canada.

5) General laborer: This is a role requiring little or no skills and almost basically anyone can fit into this role. This role covers from domestic house-helps to on-site construction workers and as earlier mentioned; it requires little or no skill, hence even if you think you're inadequately skilled, you fill in for a laborer and be sure to be hired for pay. Agricultural and Food Farmers are also fit for this category of jobs for immigrants in Canada.

6) Sales Representative: Sales representatives are persons who are bestowed upon the responsibility of marketing the products and services of a company/organization, and they most times completely control the profitability of the company. The skill best appropriate for this role is human relations, as you'll be needing to convince random persons to purchase your product or subscribe to your company's services.

7) Accountants: Accountants are another group of workers whose services are highly needed in Canada. Private firms and government agencies alike (in Canada) have vacancies for trained accountants, with the basic requirement being a first degree in an accounting-related discipline. Immigrants who have the above-stated qualification are well set to gain useful employment in Canada.

8) IT Project Manager: Project managers are needed in the information technology sector of the Canadian economy, and immigrants who possess technology-related managerial skills are well welcomed to work in Canada.

9) Software Engineer: Software engineers are also needed in Canada and the qualification for this role is basically a certified training as a software engineer; which could be a first degree or any other accepted training.

10) Registered Nurse: The Canadian health sector is in heavy need of nurses, and immigrants have been known to fill in this role and even saturate it. Actually, one of the easiest ways to migrate to Canada is to be trained and registered as a Nurse; this is because the vacuum left in the Canadian health sector has made it essential that the Nation always solicit the services of trained nurses, most of whom are immigrants.

And here we pause our inexhaustible list of job opportunities for migrants in Canada. So are you a migrant already staying in Canada? Or your planning to move over to Canada, the above list is among the basic things you need to get started, and provided you follow due procedures, you'll have no difficulty finding a job in Canada.

Do you have an experience-based opinion about working in Canada? We'll love to receive your contribution in the comment section.