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Best Jobs In Netherlands For Foreigners

Finding a job as a foreigner in the Netherlands usually has some requirements such as Sorting out your work permit, finding a job, registering at the local municipal, finding a place to live, sorting out your dutch insurance, and so on. When you've done all these requirements, you can go ahead and apply for a job in the Netherlands. 

In this article, I will be listing the best jobs for foreigners in the Netherlands.


1.ENGINEERS: The Netherlands has the second-highest demand for Engineers globally especially water engineers as a 40percent of their energy is gotten from sustainable sources. 
An engineer's salary ranges from €2,140 to €7,380 monthly.
Best Jobs In Netherlands For Foreigners
2.HEALTHCARE SPECIALISTS: There is a particular for specialists in elderly care, mental care, dentistry, etc even as the population of aging people in the Netherlands is on the increase and will double by the year 2040.
As a foreigner under the healthcare(Doctors, nurses, dentists), One would need to apply to the respective authority for permission to practice as a professional in the Netherlands.
Also, Medical Specialists such as gynecologists, Cardiologists, Neurologists, Pediatricians, Psychiatrists, anaesthesiologists are in high demand in The Netherlands.
Medical Specialists are the highest paid professionals and the one of the few to earn above 100k salary earning an average of €126,131 yearly.
3.LAWYERS: One must have an undergraduate degree in law, a masters' in law, and at least 2 years of apprenticeship. 
The average Lawyer earns  €104,561 yearly.
4.BUSINESS ECONOMICS: With an undergraduate degree in economics and a post-graduate degree in any business-related course, one can practice as a business economist.
The average salary for an Economist is  €78,061 yearly.
5.DETECTIVES: Being a Detective comes with its own level of risks but can be very rewarding. One would start as a police officer then work their way up to being a private detective after a 2 years specialist training period.
The average salary of a detective in the Netherlands is  €64,313 yearly.