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Thursday, 18 March 2021

Top 10 Jobs In Canada for foreigners 2021

Canada has an employment rate of over 60% therefore there is a large job market for both Citizens and foreigners but to work as a foreigner, one must have a work permit. 
After reading this post, you will discover the best top 10 jobs for both skilled and unskilled immigrants or foreigners coming to Canada, the listed jobs are high demand jobs in Canada hence they have a high acceptance rate immediately the applicants are qualified.


1. ACCOUNTANT: Working as an Accountant can be very rewarding because there are so many lucrative positions that will further your career. Although, you will require foreign Qualification before you can commence. For example, if you want to get a job in Ontario as an accountant, you'll have to Foreign Qualification Recognition from Chartered Professionals Accountants of Ontario(CPA).

Accountancy has a pay scale of 65,000CAD to 75,000CAD.

2. SALES REPRESENTATIVE: You would need a Bachelor's degree and a minimum of 2 years of working experience to work as a sales representative in Canada. There are over 8,500 openings for the job of sales representative in Canadian Banks. It has a pay scale of 33,000CAD to 67,000CAD. 

3. SOFTWARE ENGINEER: Canada has a huge job market for people in Technology. A Bachelor's degree in computer science, Computer system engineering, software engineering, or mathematics, or a completed college program in computer science.

The average Software Engineer earns 83,000CAD to 99,000CAD 

Find out more about Full and Part-time jobs in Software Engineering in Toronto.

4. ELECTRICIAN: Electricians are in high demand in Canada and one can even secure Permanent Residency through it. It is also one of the highest paying trades in Canada.

The average Electrician makes $34 per hour and $66,300 yearly.

5. VETERINARIAN: If you a Vet considering Immigration, Canada needs your skills. Qualified Vets are eligible for full permanent residency in the Federal skilled worker Immigration Program on both a federal and provincial Nomination Basis.

The average Veteran in Canada makes $94,282 yearly.

6. WELDER: Skilled welders are in high demand in Canada. One must have 2 years of working experience and has a valid job offer for a year. The average Welder earns $22.50 per hour and $43,875 per year.


7. PROJECT MANAGER: The demand for Project managers is fast-growing than the rate of demand for workers in other occupations. One must have at least a Bachelor's degree in Management or Business and a Masters degree in Project Management to be able to work as a Project Manager In Canada.

The average salary for a project manager in Canada is $78,616.

8. PHARMACIST: From 2019-2028, there will be 12,500 job openings for Pharmacists in Canada therefore Pharmacists are in high demand in Canada.

The average Pharmacist makes $94,845 yearly.

9.BUSINESS MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT: Financial services are in high demand hence driving the need for business management and consulting. There will be a total of 59,400 job openings in business management and consulting in Canada with the average consultant earning $86,366 yearly.

10.TRUCK DRIVER: There is a high demand for Truck drivers in Canada. According to Statistics, Canada will have a shortage of 25,000 truck drivers by 2023. There isn't a specific visa for truck drivers but you'll need to apply through the Temporary foreign worker Program (TFWP).

The average Truck driver makes $25.01 per hour and $48,871 per year.

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