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Top 5 Best Canadian Travel Insurance for Seniors


Travel Insurance is a plan you put in place that minimizes or protects one from certain financial risks while traveling. Risks such as Missing a flight, accidents, illness, loss of luggage, conveying a body home after death, etc can be reduced through travel insurance. It is essential for Canadian citizens to buy this Insurance in case of accidents of any form.

Travel Insurance is more valuable to Seniors because they experience more health challenges than young people. Canadian Travel insurance for Seniors can offer the following;

  • Travel advice and emergency calls; Seniors may need to make toll-free calls to medical professionals in their own dialect in event of a language barrier.

  • Stolen or lost luggage; Insurance will cover the cost of clothing, clothing, and other valuables in the luggage.

  • Medical Emergencies; Because Seniors are more prone to medical emergencies, they should have Insurance in place to cover transportation costs and evacuation if an emergency trip back home must be made.

Here are the 5 best Canadian Travel Insurance available to Seniors In Canada

1. Travelsafe Travel Insurance: This Insurance company is the first to offer "cancel for any reason". It offers packages that don't require you to cover all costs but rather cover only the portion of the Insurance you are interested in.

2. Allianz Travel Insurance: Offers flexibility to clients hence they have three Healthcare Core Plans in place. These plans offer coverage for a wide range of in-patient treatments, including cover for chronic conditions. Their core plans can be replaced with out-patient, dental, and repatriation cover. Also, one has a choice to include life and disability cover thereby improving one's benefits package.

3. Travel Guard Travel Insurance: Offers 3 Trip Insurance Plans (Platinum, gold, silver). Also, Clients can receive a refund of the cost (minus the service fee) if not thoroughly satisfied.

4. Blue Cross Insurance: Blue Cross member plans operate on a not-for-profit basis in every region of Canada, making coverage available to eligible residents in each province. Services include group and individual health and dental benefits, as well as travel health insurance.

5. HTH Travel Insurance: They offer a wide range of travel insurance plans which cover costs for hospital care, surgery, office visits, prescription drugs, and medical evacuation. Also, Canadian Seniors have access to English-speaking Physicians in more than 180 countries.