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Apply for Best Remote Jobs in Canada 2022/2023


Remote job is one that is different from the typical way of working from a traditional office environment. Working remotely involves the worker delivering their tasks, doing business and services from anywhere, including working from home, working from school or anywhere else where the physical business may be located within or outside Canada.

What are the Best Remote Jobs to do in Canada?

If you're trying to know the best or top jobs you can do while in Canada, then this guide has been created for you to check them out. Here you will discover some high-paying best jobs you can remotely work in Canada especially if you're temporarily working or visiting the country.

Can I move to Canada if I work Remotely?

Yes, you can work remotely or work online while in Canada. Sometimes you can apply for remote work outside Canada and you may still be considered and approved for the job but depends on the kind of company and how they are regulated and allowed to operate business within or outside the country.

Do I need a work permit to work remotely in Canada?

This is is an important question and you're going to find answers here about it. As it may already be known to you, most jobs that let you work in Canada will always require you to always need a work permit.

Getting Started with Work Visa and Permits for Remote Jobs outside Canada

Essentially, work permit or work visa applies when a foreign worker does a job a Canadian could do. Hence if you're in Canada but you're would work for company outside Canada remotely, or a business located outside Canada, this is not considered as “work”. Hence work permit may not be needed for that but Taxes may apply.

How to Apply for High-paying Remote Jobs in Canada

You may need work visa or permit if you will be remotely working for a company or business located inside Canada.

However, if you will be working remotely in Canada, whether the business is located inside or outside Canada, below is a good list of the top rated and highly recommended Remote Jobs in Canada this year.

Best Remote Jobs in Canada 2022 - How to Apply & Where

Here are some of the best work from home jobs in Canada which you can apply for in 2022/2023.

GRAPHICS DESIGNER - They create visual representation by hand or using a computer software. They communicate ideas to inspire and captivate customers through images, words or graphics.

Graphic designers are becoming in high demand because of the amount of Industries that require such services. Manufacturing, advertising, marketing, publishing and other specialization areas are constantly in need of good and qualified graphics designer. The average salary for a graphics designer in Canada is $21.33 per hour and $3,444 per month.


SOFTWARE ENGINEER - They use computer science techniques to create software to satisfy needs of businesses and consumers at large. The Canadian economy needs skilled technology workers so software engineers are employed very quickly by the Canadian government.
The average software engineer in Canada makes $52.91 per hour and $103,179 per year.

- Being a tutor in Canada is a great way to make money by teaching Kids online or in their homes. Tutors were in high demand during the pandemic with an average tutor making $25 per hour.

MEDICAL WRITER - They write, compile and edit medical writing deliverables. They use their clinical research knowledge to develop materials for a wide range of audience.

Medical writers are increasingly in demand to send across fresh information to healthcare professionals and the public at large. The average Medical Writer makes $101,102 yearly.

REGISTERED NURSE - A nurse can work remotely from home by providing telephone service, advice and follow up to patients. They can give medical advice over the phone or through video app, develop health plans and give prescriptions. They can earn more income by being on call for Home visits if needed.The average Remote Nurse makes $34.41 per hour and $65,870 yearly.