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Best Countries to Immigrate to from South Africa

Best Countries To Immigrate To From South Africa

After reading this, you will find a good list Of The Best Countries To Immigrate To From South Africa in 2021. It's not uncommon to see South Africans migrating to other countries. The reason for this might be education, retirement, work or vacation.

Here is a list of the 10 best countries to immigrate to from South Africa in 2021.


Best Countries To Immigrate To From South Africa in 2021

The United Kingdom

There are historical and cultural similarities between South Africa and the UK. As a result of this, migration into the UK from South Africa is always the first choice.

The UK is also one of the countries accepting South African refugees. The United Kingdom has amazing scenery and moderate weather conditions.

Also, most of the world's best universities are in the UK, making this option the best one for students emigrating from South Africa to UK. 

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Portugal is one of the most current and trendy travel destinations all over Europe.
By making use of the TAAG Angola Airlines, it would take just 12.5 hours for South Africans to fly to Lisbon and Porto. Also, the airfares; R5,999 is probably the cheapest and most comfortable you will find out there.

In Portugal, English is the main language in most large cities. This also makes it one of the great options for people immigrating to Europe from South Africa.  



One of the reasons why this country is preferred to others is because of proximity. This makes it easy for business owners, farmers and travellers to embark on journeys regularly.
Coming to what Mauritius offers, it's just so many. Mauritius is famous for its protection and safety. She has a diversified and strong economy, while also offering quality life styles.



Probably the best option for South African business men, Spain is a large and popular tourist destination. Most people you find there are not nationals.
You might be a professional in wine, food, culture, architecture or any profession in this world, Spain has a fair offering for all trades.

In some cities in Spain, the Province of Galicia for instance, the weather is nice and cool, while the cost of living is also very cheap.


The best option for career growth. Ireland is popular and trendy among experienced professionals within the technology and information sectors.

However, there has always been one disadvantage. This has always been the unfavorable weather conditions. Except for this reason, Ireland is one of the best options for South Africans. Even with this, we still have investors and businessmen immigrating to Ireland from South Africa.


United States Of America

It has been observed by everyone that the United States Of America is one of the most desired travel destinations of Africans.

The US is very wide and economically stable. It's one of the best countries to immigrate to from South Africa in 2021. This is as a result of the fact that it's good for the top 4 reasons why South Africans migrate.
The US is good for work, retirement, education and vacation.


Other Best Countries To Immigrate To From South Africa in 2021

Apart from the 6 best countries mentioned and explained above, we still have few countries that many would consider a great option if you'd like to migrate from South Africa to any good European country.

Hungary is one of the best countries with a nice scenery and budgeted lifestyle. Also, business capital investments in Hungary can be as low as €50,000.
Also, income tax is around 15%, making it a win-win situation.

is famous for its beautiful nature and her iconic Lake Bled. English is the main language in her capital, Ljubljana. This makes it a good option for retirees migrating from South Carolina.

is among the most beautiful cities in the world. As an advantage, it shares a border with 5 Western European cities.

Malta is one of the best options for migration investments. Though feeding, mobIle and internet costs are high, Malta is probably the safest among the countries on this list. Though there are pick pockets and petty robberies, Malta is free of terrorism.