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Pathways to Canada Permanent Residence for Hong Kong Residents

In this article, we will guide you on everything you need to know about how to Apply Online For Canada PR For Hong Kong Residents. (Stream A and Stream B).

There is now a new short term public policy for getting a PR in Canada. Hong Kong residents in Canada can now attain the status of permanent residence, including their families.

The available pathways are 2 streams. It could be either of the streams below:

  1. Stream A is for In-Canada graduates.
  2. Stream B is for Canadian work experience

Mind you, this public policy has been effective since June 1, 2021. It will be ineffective starting from August 31, 2026.

How to Apply for Canada Permanent Residency For Hong Kong Residents

All online applicants are to use Canada Post’s epost ConnectTM service throughout the application process. This is to make sure your details are secured and received without error or delay.

Steps To Follow When Applying Online Through Canada Post epost ConnectTM

Prepare And Send An Email
The first step is to write an email to In your email you are to include your:

  1. Name
  2. Unique client identifier (UCI) or passport number.
  3. The email to be used for subsequent communication.

You are to use the text below as a template. Just insert your own details where appropriate.

"Request to apply for the Permanent Residence Pathways for Hong Kong Residents: [insert your passport number or UCI]"

Create An Account With Canada Post

Soon, you will recieve a confirmation email from

Shortly after that, Canada Post will also send an email inviting you to create an account with them. You are to use only epost to your application.

Get And Complete Your Checklist And Forms

To proceed with the application, you will have to read and understand some instructions, while also filling some application forms.

To get the forms and checklists, visit the link to the Canadian Immigration page containing them HERE.

Kindly note that there are different forms for stream A (In-Canada graduates) and stream B (Canadian work experience) applicants.

Proceed With Payment Of Fees

All fees are to be paid online. You should pay at the time of application to avoid delays.
For security purposes, all details regarding payment are to be viewed HERE.

Complete And Submit Your Application

After filling the forms, upload them (alongside your documents) to your epost account. For convenient and fast processing, scan and upload them in the same order as they are arranged in the checklist.


What's Next After Applying Online For Canada PR For Hong Kong Residents

Once you submit, your application will be processed. If your application isn't complete, it might be because you omitted some documents or you didn't pay the fees. Learn more HERE.

If your application is complete, you and your family members (if they are also applying), will be requested to run medical exams and submit biometrics details.

If your application is rejected, an email will be sent explaining what went wrong.

Once your application is approved, you will be contacted so as to:

  1. Receive your confirmation of permanent residence status document.
  2. Cross check your mail address in Canada. With this, you can be mailed your Canada PR card.