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Best Jobs In Finland for English Speakers - What You Didn't Know

What Are The In-Demand Jobs In Finland For English Speakers?

Having about 188,000 lakes and 180,000 islands, Finland is one of those countries with striking nature and awesome scenery.
Finland is a home to the Midnight Sun. The Midnight Sun is a period when sunrise is experienced permanently within the months of June and July.

Most jobs in Finland require just 40 hours in a week. This stat is based on average estimations and might vary slightly. Most of the workers in Finland get to enjoy leave every year. The leave can be up to 6 weeks.

In this blog post, we will discuss about the best jobs that English speakers can do in Finland, their chances of getting jobs, how to get them and many more tips that will be of help.

What you have to Know About Finland's Job Market

Since the last few years, the job market in Finland has been prevailed by manufacturers. The main activity that this result to is exporting.

The major exports are electrical appliances, equipments, vehicles, machines, paper and even wood products.

Speaking of the Technology and IT sector, it's probably the biggest in Finland. The technology industry in Finland is being dominated by Nokia. Most of Finish exports are products if technology.

What's It Like To Work In Finland As An English-Speaker?

Since you probably haven't been to Finland, you wouldn't know how life is there, how working there feels like, it's working hours, closing hours and more.

The best city for employment opportunities in Finland is Helsinki. Finland is one of the best countries that give employees to decide where and when they wish to work.

It has become a custom and culture, as most employees in Finland have a working period of 40 hours per week. They have to be at work between 8am-5pm. The working days are Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Each employee enjoys a lunch break that may vary between 1-2 hours per day, depending on the type and nature of the employer. Also, there is a leave period granted to every employee per year. It's 25 days (minimum).

Speaking of public holidays, there are about 13 of them in a year. Each employee is related to with mutual respect and consideration.

Talking of taxes and levies, life is simple and convenient in Finland. Employees in Finland are required to pay tax only if they have been working in Finland for more than 6 months.

One it's six months since you started working in Finland, you should pay a visit to the nearest local tax office in your vicinity and apply for a tax card.

Popular Jobs In Finland For English Speakers

Here, we have gathered resources and statistics from the internet to show you which niches and industries in Finland are in great need of workers. This is an opportunity for international job seekers, which also include English speakers.

The Technology Sector

A review recently done in Finland, featuring 350 companies in the Technology Sector made it known that about 53,000 employees are needed in 2021.

The main areas of specialization required are Data Analytics, Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence.

The Medical And Healthcare Sector

There are also some areas of specialization with need for extra employees and doctors in the medical sector in Finland.
This includes Medical Practitioners, Speech Therapists, Dentists and also Nurses.
The Teaching Sector
A lot of teachers and school workers are needed in Finland. Who knows, you might stand a chance. You can also look for schools that teach in English language in Finland and apply there.

Social Work And Counselling Sector

There are employees needed in this sector. You should apply if you have the qualifications.

Business Administration Sector

You will be seriously considered by employing companies in Finland if you have qualifications in this sector.

Teaching Jobs In Finland For English Speakers

Urban and more advanced areas of Finland like the Capital city; Helsinki, Turku and Tampere have most job opportunities for people who can teach English as a second language.

Though, I would still like you to have in mind that the general language in Finland is Finish. The second other language is Swedish. English language is less common in Finland.

When looking for teaching jobs in Finland as an English speaker, you will find most vacancies in international and private schools. Here you won't need to be fluent or be an expert in Finish. You need just only a basic knowledge.

The requirements (minimum) to teach English in Finland is a Bachelor's degree. To teach English as a foreign language in Finland, you need a TEFL certificate. 

Summer Jobs In Finland For English Speakers

The Service Civil International (SCI) in Finland do arrange and setup voluntary work camps. These usually lasts for two weeks, although some can last up to 12 months.

How To Get A Job In Finland As An English Speaker

It is usually advised for English speakers to start searching for job vacancies before moving into Finland.

To do this, there are lots of websites and channels to make use of. We have compiled the best for you.

  • You can use sites like Eurojobs and Monster to discover vacancies for English speakers in Finland.
  • You can make use of social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn
  • The European Commission has an employment portal called EURES. English speakers from European Union (EU) countries can make use of this.
  • TE-palvelut, a Finish employment online service provides job search, vacancies and discoveries. You can make use of the filter settings to shortlist vacancies for English-speaking applicants.
  • Most good and high paying jobs in Finland are not usually advertised or made known. You can just search for the best companies in your area of specialization and then submit your CV to them, either online or by getting in touch physically.