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Apply for Top Fully Funded Law PhD Programs In 2022/23

PhD In Law Scholarships For International Students 2022/2023

To be a Law Practitioner in this day, you need need to be at the zenith of your career. That means you must perform excellently well in your bar and also further your law study to the highest academic level; the doctoral level.

This article will show you the top fully funded PhD programs in law in 2022 and 2023.
We; at The Migration HQ did some research and came up with 2 of the best fully funded Ph.D. programs in law for international students in 2022/2023 and you can apply for them.

Reversing the Gaze PhD Program At The University of Edinburgh

The University Of Edinburgh has made available a fully-funded PhD program in Law. The PhD coursework will be on a project called “Reversing the Gaze”.

“Reversing the Gaze” is being funded by a National Science Foundation in Switzerland. It's a multi-academic project, involving The Law School at the University of Edinburgh, The University of Basel and the University of Zurich.

You are eligible for this fully-funded PhD scholarship if you have your specialty in the field of law, political science, sociology, anthropology, public administration, or any related field.

Scholarship Value And Added Benefits

A successful applicant of this financial aid stands to enjoy the benefits below:
  • Fully funded tuition fees.
  • An annual stipend worth approximately £15,500. (This will be awarded in installment for 3 and half years).
  • An additional fee of £1,000 will be given each year.

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Eligibility Requirements

Law students interested in the "Reversing The Gaze" PhD project At The University of Edinburgh should have the following eligibility requirements.

  • Interested applicants must have a least an honours degree and also a Masters degree in the United Kingdom.
  • A minimum of 60% is required in the taught section while a least 65% is needed in the dissertation. 
  • Applicants should have great experience in qualitative field methods.
  • Also, applicants should show interest in administrative, tax, or welfare law in India. Great interest in European law and desire to pursue interdisciplinary and comparative research is also needed.
  • Commendable communication skills plus excellent teamwork is expected.
  • A proficiency test in the English language is needed, including both the oral and written ones. Candidates whose official language is not English are advised to have a score of 7.0 total in the IELTS test. The written section should have a score of 7.0 minimum while other sections can have a score of at least 6.5.

Required Documents For The Reversing The Gaze Fully Funded Doctoral Project

The following documents are required:

  • The transcripts for the applicant's Bachelor's, Masters and other degrees are required.
  • Proof of English Language skills is needed.
  • The applicant's curriculum vitae and a cover letter should be submitted. The cover letter should include the applicant's background, interest in research and other information relevant to this PhD project.
  • Two references should be provided.
  • A brief research proposal having a maximum of 2 pages should also be written. 

Application Deadline

The closing date for the "Reversing The Gaze" fully funded PhD program at the University of Edinburgh is the 5th of November in 2022/23. You can know more and apply here.

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PhD Scholarship At The Faculty Of Law, University of Copenhagen

The Faculty of Law at the University of Copenhagen has made it known that there is a fully-funded PhD position available. This PhD program is a collaborative one with the Faculty of Law at the University of Iceland.

This fully-funded PhD program in law is a 3-year one in which selected applicants will be awarded a joint doctorate degree from both the University of Copenhagen and the University of Iceland. However, as enticing as this may seem, the PhD thesis and defence of the candidates will be strictly evaluated.

Scholarship Value And Inclusions

  • Apart from the scholarship, selected applicants will be offered employment at the University of Copenhagen for 2 years, and also at the University of Iceland for a 1-year period.
  • On completing this PhD program, the candidates will be presented with a PhD certificate from both the Faculty of Law at the University of Iceland and the University of Copenhagen.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants must have a minimum grade of 8.2 at their Master’s level.
  • The Master’s degree must have been obtained before the start date for this PhD program.
  • Applicants must show they are capable and highly skilled in writing a PhD thesis.
  • Applicants possess excellent language skills in the English language and can communicate effectively in all aspects.
  • Since the selected applicant will be provided employment at the end of the program, all applicants must be able to teach at an academic level using Danish or English language.

Required Documents For This PhD Scholarship At The Faculty Of Law, University of Copenhagen

All applicants should provide the documents below.

  • A Curriculum vitae having not more than 2 pages.
  • The applicant's transcripts and certificates should be provided for both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.
  • An authorized explanation of the grading scale should be included.
  • A letter of motivation should be written. This letter should include your reason for applying for this PhD scholarship knowing fully well that the Faculty of Law at the University of Copenhagen and the University of Iceland are the host institutions. Your letter of motivation should not be more than 1 page.
  • Your English language level should be documented by an IELTS or TOEFL test.

The Application Deadline

The deadline for the PhD Scholarship hosted by the Faculty of Law at the University of Copenhagen and the University of Iceland is 23:59 GMT+1 on the 17th of October, 2022/ 2023. You can know more and apply here.