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Greece Visa For Indians - Pathways To Greece From India

How To Apply For Greece Visa For Indians - Through Tourist Visa Or Golden Visa

Apart from the beautiful beaches and delicious cuisines, Greece is a nice country. Widely known for its history and culture, this country will be enjoyed by almost everyone.

It's a fact well known to all that Greeks residents like celebrations, a habit resulting from their culture. In this article, we will discuss mainly Greece visas for Indians, and the pathways to Greece from India.

Do Indian Citizens Need Visa For Greece?

If you are an Indian and you want to visit Greece for about 90 days, you must apply for a "short stay type C Schengen visa".

If you want to visit Greece without the intention of the study, work, investment or medical treatment, you can still be permitted. All you will need is a tourist Visa.

A tourist visa can allow you to visit Greece based on meeting relatives, recreation or tourism.

Greece Schengen Visa India

A Schengen visa is a type of short-stay visa that enables people to stay within the Schengen area when he/she is not a citizen of such place.

The Schengen area includes 26 countries that are commonly referred to as "Schengen States". The "Schengen States" are Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

As you can see, Greece is a Schengen State but India is not. This means that any Indian that wishes to travel to and stay in Greece (even if it's temporarily) will have to apply for a Greece Visa.

Greece Investor Visa - How To Obtain Permanent Residency Through Investment

Also known as the Golden Visa Program in Greece, this type of visa is one of the most popular investment visa programs in the European Union (EU).

In Greece, the Golden Visa is being granted to citizens that are not from EU countries but have made commendable contributions to the economy of the country.

There are many ways of obtaining residence or citizenship by investment in Greece, however, the most common option most applicants select is the purchasing of real estate worth a quarter of a million (minimum).

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Benefits Of The Greek Golden Visa

  • Unlike in Canada, the United States and other popular countries, you don't have to live in Greece for 5 years to maintain your permanent residence permit. You can always renew it as long as the investment you made back then is still yours.
  • The required minimum investment is cheaper than what Luxembourg, United States and most other countries demand. 
  • You and your family members will have access to a free Visa to travel across countries within the Schengen Area.
  • Whatever property or real estate your purchase, you can rent it or keep it, as far as it's still yours. (It's not advisable to sell your property, as it would later hinder you when applying for Greek citizenship in the future).
  • You and your family members will enjoy Greek education and healthcare services.
  • You can live freely and do business in Greece. You can even get employed.

Investment Options For The Greek Golden Visa In 2021

To get an Investor Visa as an Indian, you can select any of these investment options.

  1. Buy a real estate or building worth €250,000 (minimum).
  2. You can sign a lease agreement with a hotel or tourist establishment for a minimum of 10 years.
  3. Alternatively, you can do it in the US way. Here, you will make a capital investment of €400,000 (minimum) in a company registered in Greece.
  4. You can also make an investment worth €400,000 in Greek government bonds.
  5. Make a €400,000 investment in bonds or shares of real estate investment companies.
  6. You can also get an Investor Visa by making a €400,000 deposit in a Greek bank.
  7. Make an €800,000 investment in corporate or government bonds.

Citizenship By Investment In Greece

Even though you are not a citizen of any EU country, you can still become a Greek citizen by making an investment in Greece and obtaining a Golden Visa.

To become a Greek citizen through investment, you have to reside in the country, relate with other citizens and pay taxes and other levies. This routine must be adhered to for a minimum of 7 years after which you can apply for citizenship.

How To Get Greece Tourist Visa From India 

Tourist Visa is what you should apply for if you are visiting Greece because of meeting friends, tourism or vacation.

Unlike an Investor Visa, Tourist Visas can not be extended. Also, they are nonconvertible. You should apply for your Tourist Visa 15 days before your intended day of travel.

The earliest application date is 3 months preceding the day you wish to be in Greece. 

As an Indian, it is important to note that the duration of the visa granted to you will be decided by the Greece Embassy based on many criteria.

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Greece Visa Fee

The Greece Tourist Visa Fee for Indian citizens is INR 4680. An additional service fee might be incurred and can be up to INR 1560.

Greece Visa Requirements For Indian Citizens

The applicant will need the following documents:

  • The visa application form must have been filled out.
  • 2 recently photographed passports. The eyes and face must be clearly visible.
  • Healthcare insurance of INR 23,60,966 or Reservations must be done for the return journey. You must also show proof of this.
  • Lodging reservations must have been done. If there are other means of accommodation available to you, you will need to show proof of it 
  • A bank statement that shows your activities within the last 3 months.

How Long Does It Take To Get Greece Visa?

15 to 30 days. The processing time for Greek Tourist Visa is 15 days, although most times it's earlier. a Greece visa for an Indian tourist is a maximum of 15 days. 

However, some Indians may need to wait for about 30 days on rare occasions.

Is Schengen Visa Valid For Greece?

Yes of course. Since Greece is a member of the 26 Schengen States, then a Schengen visa is valid in Greece.

How Do I Get Visa For Greece From India? 

Getting a visa for Greece from India depends on your purpose of travel and intended duration. The study, work or vacation will require a student visa, work permit or tourist visa respectively.

However, you can bypass the normal processes and stay in Greece without any purpose for as long as you wish, so far you have money.

A Greek Investor Visa (Golden Visa) allows you to get permanent residence and eventually citizenship in Greece through investment. This is open to any citizen of any country, and I guess that also include Indians.