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The Best MBA Programs And Scholarships In Canada 2021

Let's Take A Look At The Top Programs And Scholarships For Canadian Students In 2021

Canada is without a doubt one of the best countries to further one's education. A Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree can be a key to so many career opportunities. Getting an MBA in Canada usually costs between 16,000 to 80,000 Dollars. In this post, we will discuss the best MBA programs and scholarships in Canada in 2021.

Trust me, getting 16,000 to 80,000 USD for studying expenses is not a joke. Most foreign students can't afford this, especially if they are from middle-class families in developing countries.

Getting an MBA scholarship seems to be the only alternative for some students. However, having your MBA in Canada is a very good option. Such a decision is enough to change your career and your life for good.

Table Of Contents

1. Types of MBA in Canada.
2. Requirements For Canada MBA in 2021.
3. The top 5 MBA universities in Canada.
4. The best MBA scholarships in Canada.

The Types Of MBA In Canada

For the ease of comfort of the student, there are many types of MBA programs in Canada. Any of them can be chosen based on the preference of the student.

Full-time MBA Programs In Canada

Full-time MBA programs are recommended for students that channel all their time for studying.

The student will study on a full-time schedule throughout the 2-year period. Candidates for this type of MBA will need some test results for the language proficiency test. GMAT is also required for some FT-MBA courses in Canada.

Part-time MBA Programs In Canada

This type of MBA is well suited for students that recently graduated. This is because most students under this category are employees and working professionals that are trying to obtain an MBA degree while also earning money and building upon their work experience.

However, a part-time Master in Business Administration degree program takes longer than its full-time counterpart. The course outline demands a minimum of 3 years, and can sometimes extend to 6 years.

Executive MBA

This type of MBA program is made for executives and professionals that have experience in management. These professionals might be aiming to advance their level of education.

Most time, Executive MBA applicants need a minimum of 8 years of experience before they can get admission to a Canadian university.

Often, the MBA Executive program requires 13 months. This sounds pretty good and time conserving.

Requirements For Canada MBA In 2021


Transcripts are very important to be admitted for a Master in Business Administration degree program in Canada.

Interested applicants will have to upload a soft copy of all academic documents through the University's portal.

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All candidates applying for an MBA in Canada must submit a resume (single page) that shows information about their past jobs.

Also, this resume must contain details of the applicant's academic achievements, with the latest ones being listed down to the earliest.

Letters Of Recommendation

It's very important and in fact, compulsory that all MBA applicants in Canada should provide two recommendation letters. These letters must be from people that were once in charge of reviewing the academic performance of the applicant.

Work Experience

Almost all the best universities in Canada admit only candidates that have 2 years (minimum) of full-time work experience.

Language Requirements

The basic language requirement is the test results of accepted language proficiency tests. This might be GMAT or GRE. All candidates whose home country is not a native speaking one will have to run these tests. 

Financial Requirements - Expenses To Expect While Arriving For MBA In Canada

  • Tuition fees usually range between 32,574 USD to 89,174 USD.
  • The MBA degree program application will cost a fee between 76 to 136 Dollars.
  • The Visa processing fee is 178 USD.
  • TOEFL costs around 160 to 250 Dollars.
  • IELTS costs between 185 to 190 Dollars.
  • A study permit in Canada costs 114 Dollars.
  • Health insurance usually costs 10,000 Dollars.
  • The travel expenses (for flight) can cost between 450 to 250 Dollars, depending on the type of flight taken.

The Top 5 MBA Universities In Canada

This list is provided based on the QS top Global MBA Rankings (2021). It's also based on the latest Canada MBA rankings and reviews.

MBA at University Of Toronto

This usually takes 2 years. The tuition fee is 44,587 USD every year.

MBA At McGill University

McGill University is one of the best in Canada and beyond. MBA is done under the Desautels Faculty of Management. The duration here ranges from 12 to 20 months.

Every 12 months costs a tuition fee of 34,970 USD.

MBA At Queen's University

Queen's University in Canada is very food for MBA degree program, although it's very expensive.

The Smith School of Business is in charge of MBA studies. Studies take 12 months with a tuition fee of 71,250 USD.

MBA at UWO Ivey Business School

Having your MBA at UWO Ivey Business School is great, but the disadvantage here is the tuition fee, which happens to be very costly.

MBA studies take just 1 year, with a tuition fee of 88,125 USD.

MBA At York University

With the Schulich School of Business in charge of MBA studies, York University is a wise choice. Studies take 16 to 20 months, and students will need to pay a tuition fee of 39,030 USD. This is cheaper when compared to Queen's University and UWO Ivey Business School.

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MBA Scholarships In Canada For International Students 2021

As we have all noticed, the best MBA programs in Canada are very expensive. This is very discouraging, but it does have to stay that way for long.

We have prepared a list of the top 5 scholarships for MBA degree programs in Canada in 2021.

Women in Business Excellence Award

This financial aid for MBA Canadian students awards up to 10,000 USD. Am pretty sure this is a good start for most students.

This scholarship is being offered by Rotman School of Management.

MBA Excellence Award

Also sponsored by the Rotman School of Management, this financial aid provides up to 20,000 USD for selected applicants. 

Global Business Leader of Tomorrow

This financial aid is set up by the Sauder School of Business. A scholarship prize of 10,000 to 15,000 USD should be expected here.

Ivey MBA Scholarship

Also hosted by the school management, the UWO Ivey Business School will award a financial aid of 10,000 USD

MBA Entrance Scholarship

Sponsored and hosted by the Haskayne School of Business, this financial aid promises a scholarship prize between 7500 to 11,500 USD.