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UK Offers Thousands Of Visas To Foreign Truckers To Ease Driver Shortage

UK Offers Thousands Of Visas To Foreign Truckers To Aid Worker Shortage

UK Offers Thousands Of Visas To Foreign Truckers To Ease Driver Shortage

The United Kingdom Government has made it known that it would grant new visas for 5,000 truck drivers and 5,500 poultry workers. Selected applicants will be allowed to work and earn in the UK till December 24th, 2021. This day also happens to be Christmas Eve.

The government is also appealing to drivers who have retired earlier to do what they can to ease the fuel scarcity.

The Possible Causes

It's a fact well known to all that in January 2021, the United Kingdom completed the last stage of Brexit. Brexit signifies the withdrawal of the UK from the European Union.

This had an impact on many things, including economy, tourism, immigration, manual labour and many others.

Since the time Brexit happened, most employees have found difficulties with recruiting European workers. Also, we should recollect that the COVID-19 incidence has made this already bad, and Brexit made it worse. This had a serious impact on material transportation, leading to a prolonged shortage of British truck drivers.

However, Brexit didn't come without its own benefits. For instance, the UK government had the flexibility to set their own rules when exited from the European Union. It also allowed them to train their citizens for work. That way, they won't have to rely on foreign labour.

The Consequences

According to Arkansas Online News, Thanet Earth, the largest greenhouse complex in the UK had to throw away 300,000 pounds' worth of tomatoes, all because there were no drivers to deliver them.

Over the past weekend, this same issue affected all gas stations. This resulted in long queues and rationed fuel sales.

Earlier this month, many calls have been made to the appropriate authorities, clamouring for relief. However, Boris Johnson's administration announced that what they want is the training and employment of domestic labour. They want employers to have some tolerance and put more into technology and automation.

Now, see what it costed. Fruits rotting, groceries spoiling and fuel sitting uselessly in the industries with little truck drivers to deliver them to filling stations.

The Solutions - What Steps Are The UK Government Taking To Ease This Driver Shortage?

According to the New York Times, Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson has reviewed some of his decisions in response to the current issues arising as a result of the driver shortage. Some of the solutions, as stated by the British Department for Transport are mentioned below.

5,000 fuel tanker and food truck drivers would be allowed to work in the UK. This will go on for 3 months until 24th December 2021. It is believed that this will create a temporary relief for the commercial hauling industry.

Letters would be sent to truck drivers (residing in the UK) that have licenses but are not presently working. This letter contains an appeal imploring them to get to work to ease this Driver shortage.

5,500 poultry workers from other countries will be granted Visa for the next 3 months. This should lower the tension and pressure that is soon arising in the food industry.

How To Apply For This Temporary Visa For Truck Drivers

Details about the application is yet to be disclosed. The guide on how to go about the application will be discussed as soon as we gather more information. We will get back and update this page as soon as the application procedure is made known.

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