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Fun things to do in Amsterdam at Christmas

It is safe to say that you will never miss fun and fascinating activities to engage in regardless of your age while visiting Amsterdam, more so during the Christmas holidays. So, whether you are about to cruise around Netherland's capital city or you already booked your means of transport, and you are wondering about what fun things you can do during your stay, then read on as this article got you covered.

In this post today, we will take you through some of the fun things to do in Amsterdam at Christmas during the holidays. Asides what to do in Amsterdam this Christmas, we will also provide you with a list of the must-pack stuff for a more thrilling and successful Christmas adventure while visiting or vacationing in Amsterdam for the holidays.

best christmas markets in Amsterdam

Activities you should consider engaging in while touring Amsterdam during Christmas

1. Experience an Adrenaline Rush on Europe's Highest Swing in Amsterdam

If you are out for a thrill and ready to experience an adrenaline rush, then Europe’s highest swing known as A'DAM has got you covered. Experience an unmatched 360degrees view of the Netherlands capital city at this 100 meters high swing. 

Extra tip: the swing isn't that fast, so no need to be scared! It is also safe since you will get strapped with quality full-body protective equipment.

2. Go helmet-free and sightsee around the Amsterdam city while biking

If you are a 2-wheel(bike) enthusiast, it will interest you to know that Amsterdam has very bike-friendly traffic rules to the extent that its roads and infrastructure are designed to promote a biking culture. Experience the Dutch way of life!

Extra tip: The roads are so safe that you do not need a helmet to cruise around! PS; if you are not an experienced biker or feel unsafe, please put on your helmet before hitting the road.

3. Visit the Museums and soak in the gothic and classical culture of the Dutch’s

For a more intimate experience with the Dutch culture dating back to the golden age, renaissance, and the modern era, make sure that you save a date and visit;

Some of the best Musuems in Amasterdam you can visit this Christmas

  • Rijksmuseum-reopened back in 2013 this Museum holds some of the finest artworks of renowned and iconic artists like Van Gogh and Vermeer

  • Museum Ons’ Lieve Heer Op Solder-travel back to the 17th century and have a peek at how a classical dutch house looked like

  • The Anne Frank Huis Museum-let Anne Frank’s inspiring optimism take you back to how life was during the WWW2

  • Van Gogh Museum-appreciate the over 1000 displayed pieces of art created by the iconic Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh and also learn more about his private life

4. Explore the Artis Zoo in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Explore and connect with nature’s therapeutic effect by visiting the oldest zoo in Amsterdam and the 6th oldest zoo in the world, which is located at the center of Amsterdam. 

Things you can do at the Natura Artis Magistra (the other name for Artis zoo);

- Visit the picturesque Dreams party stone fa├žade and take photographs

- Visit the only Microbial Museum in the world and have a deep insight into some of the microorganisms that live in your body (best Museum for kids to learn about microorganisms)

- Have close-to-close contact with some of the rarest and fascinating animals in the world, which include; Patagonian mara, mouse deer, elephants, jaguars, and chevrotain.

5.  Amsterdam Christmas markets, Netherlands

Amsterdam Christmas markets 2021 is one of the fun activities to do when you visit. Amasterdam Christmas Market 2021 is an event held in Amsterdam where people come out to shop and have fun under the snow wearing their winter coats and ice skates and move around some of the best christmas markets in Amsterdam which includes; ice village, Amsterdam Light Festival, Pure Market Winter Market, The Amsterdam Winter Paradise, Museum Market Festive Edition among others.

Must Pack things before leaving for Amsterdam for your Christmas holidays

• Waterproof clothing invest more on a coat or a jacket

• Waterproof and comfortable shoes

• Cash on hand or Maestro cards

• Hand sanitizer(s) and a pack of surgical face masks

• Quality camera