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Apply for Tuition Free Universities in Sweden for international students 2022, 2023

Free Universities in Sweden for International Students

If you are looking to find a great place to pursue your studies as an international student, Sweden is the perfect place for you. The country offers a wide variety of English-taught programs and disciplines for its students.

The best thing is studying in Sweden is its free education available for all citizens of Europe. It also applies to people with a permanent Swedish residence permit. 

Tuition-free universities in Sweden, without a doubt, are essential to learning. Being one of the most affordable places to study in, the majority of the public universities in Sweden offer free Bachelor’s and Master’s programs for its citizens. PhD programs, however, are free for everyone. It does not matter what your country of origin is.

Swedish Universities free for International Students 2022, 2023 Session

Perhaps you are looking for guide to studying in Sweden for free this 2022, or you are worried about not understanding the Swedish language when you go to university, the good thing is a lot of offered programs are in English! Non-EU students can choose any university for their desired courses. If you are not a citizen from Sweden, the tuition fee most likely varies on your chosen discipline and university. Bachelor’s and Master’s programs will cost around 7,500 to 25,000 EUR/year.

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Finding the Right Scholarships For Free Tuition Universities in Sweden

You can also get a scholarships in Sweden to be able to help you study. Scholarships in the Swedish Insitute are solely based on disciplines you wish to learn other than your nationality.

These are tuition fee ranges for some of the most popular disciplines students get in Swedish universities and colleges:

  • Social Sciences & Humanities: 7,500 – 10,300 EUR/academic year
  • Engineering, IT, and Natural Sciences: 11,250 – 13,600 EUR/academic year
  • Architecture and Design: 17,800 – 25,300 EUR/academic year


Some Tuition-free universities in Sweden for African and non-EU students alike:

Below are some Universities in Sweden for international students and EU students with reviews

* Blekinge Institute of Technology - 4.6 rating from 106 Google reviews

* Dalarna University - 4.0 rating from 56 Google reviews

* Ersta Sköndal University College - 4.6 rating from 34 Google reviews

* GIH – the Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences - 4.7 rating from 333 Google reviews

* Halmstad University - 3.9 rating from 50 Google reviews

* Linköping University - 4.6 rating from 225 Google reviews

* Linnaeus University - 4.4 rating from 174 Google reviews

* Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences - 4.7 rating from 124 Google reviews

Free Online University in Sweden

There are accessible online universities in Sweden that offer online courses. This option is a more affordable way for remote study options. At the same time, these courses deliver a variety of skills in a short time. 


Universities that offer free online courses in Sweden include

1. Chalmers University of Technology - 4.7 rating from 333 Google reviews

2. Uppsala University - 4.6 rating from 443 Google reviews and

3. KTH Royal Institute of Technology - 4.6 rating from 372 Google reviews.


Remote Studying in Sweden with online courses:

There are advantages of online courses with certificates in Sweden. With remote studying, you can obtain a certificate in the comfort of your home and some of these online courses are free in Sweden to study.
Here, you have opportunity spending less time obtaining a certificate may be beneficial for you. It is a massive advantage if you are planning to travel or study in Sweden as well.


If you are thinking of going to your dream Swedish university, make sure you apply as soon as possible through their admission portals before the deadlines. Good luck!