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Top Online Travel Agency Websites and Company in India 2022

Top online travel Agencies in India 2022

Travelling has always been a part of our life, hasn't it? Travelling to new areas allows us to unwind, recharge, and revitalise our minds and bodies. However, flying brings with it the terrible anxiety of standing in enormous lines at airports and waiting for hours to rent a car. Online travel websites and applications have grown in popularity in recent years to make this process easier and to provide you with the greatest possible trip experience. There is no doubt that these online platforms have simplified our lives hence you may be looking for the best top 10 Agency online in India, with this list you can pick a good choice when booking plane and train tickets, the best travel agencies in India will help make it simple and convenient for you. 

And there's more. You may even look up the top hotels in your vacation destination's area online. You may read the reviews, take a virtual tour, and book them at the best prices. In India, there are numerous travel websites.

Here are the best top Online Travel Agencies in India for 2021 / 2022


Are you willing to travel beyond state lines? Or are you seeking for the finest discounts on an exotic European vacation? MakeMyTrip is a one-stop shop for all of your itinerary activities! MMT is a well-known travel website in India. MakeMyTrip never fails to win the hearts of its customers with its best-in-class services. The software puts you in complete control of your travel experience by putting payments, hotel and flight bookings, and so on at your fingertips! And there's more. 

MakeMyTrip Reviews, tips, and all you need to know: They also offers its consumers exceptional holiday bargains for an exciting travel experience. In a conference call with financial analysts on Thursday, executives from India's largest online travel agency said that in December, flight capacity had recovered to 65 percent of pre-Covid levels, booked room nights had reached 59 percent, and more than 70 percent of its domestic hotel network was operational.

Banbanjara offers an ecosystem in which young and senior thrill-seekers can enjoy unique adventure trips all across the country. Along with a comprehensive range of high-quality thrill experiences, we provide innovative tour alternatives to meet the needs of a diverse global and Indian populace. From activities to weekend vacations, BanBanjara adds tremendous value for clients by offering high-quality experiences around India, with personalization and excellent customer care. BanBanjara is delighted to present its enhanced user interface, which allows clients to alter and tailor product offers to their specific needs and wants.

Banbanjara History, Reviews, and tips:

BanBanjara was founded as a response to the countless problems that the founders encountered when travelling across the country and around the world. was founded in response to major challenges such as a lack of personalisation and trustworthy tour operators. As a result, you now have a platform where you can actually make your vacation on your own.


Cleartrip Reviews: Cleartrip is one of India's fastest-growing firms in the tours and travel industry. With its customer-centric offerings, this online travel firm quickly established itself in the industry. Cleartrip's numerous services have enabled clients to travel throughout the world without having to worry about travel or accommodation costs. Corporates and individuals can use the site to get exclusive holiday deals. Cleartrip's exclusive discounts enable everyone to travel to their favourite spots at a low cost.

Cleartrip's fare calendar is one of its most popular features. Users can use this fare calendar to select their travel dates and get information on hotels and modes of transportation that fit their budget. Flipkart purchased Cleartrip in April 2021. Flipkart is one of India's most popular online buying platforms. Flipkart's involvement will assist the company in reaching new customers and providing more services at lower pricing.


Goibibo, India's most trusted tour and travel platform, is reshaping the sector with its agile services. It is one of India's most popular travel websites. The Ibibo group founded Goibibo. In 2013, it purchased Redbus, a prominent bus ticket purchasing business. Ibibo Group joined with Makemytrip in 2016 to establish the world's largest travel firm. 

Goibibo Reviews, tips, and help

Goibibo is available not only as a website, but also as a mobile app, allowing it to reach customers all over the world. The network is well-known for offering incredible bargains on flights, hotels, and travel packages. Furthermore, Goibibo members can receive live updates and notifications on the finest travel discounts available. And there's more. Several clients enjoy this platform's 'GoCash' feature. Customers can get instant cashback with GoCash whenever they make a booking through Goibibo. Experience what you want, travel where you want, and make memories with Goibibo.

Agoda is an online travel booking platform dedicated to making their customers' vacations unforgettable. The platform is available as both a website and a mobile app. According to others, Agoda's mobile app accounts for 50% of all bookings. Looking for the best hotel and airfare deals? Switch to Agoda to find a profusion of hotels, restaurants, flights, trains, vacation rentals, and many more options! Agoda is a global tour and travel company headquartered in Singapore. Exclusively for hotels in Indonesia and the Philippines, the portal provides a 'book without a credit card' feature. 

Agoda Reviews, help, and tips: As of 2021, the platform has launched flight items that allow customers to book flights without leaving the platform. So, if you want to travel on an adventurous international journey, visit Agoda for the best-quality affordable prices., a Dutch online travel firm, is next on our list. The platform is offered as a website and a mobile app. allows you to book hotels, restaurants, flights, and trains while receiving incredible discounts. The company also provides a last-minute hotel app for iPhone and iPod users called ' Tonight.' has apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and Microsoft users., which is available in over 45 languages, offers a great deal to customers of many ethnic origins. On its website, the organisation claims to feature more than 228 million accommodation guest houses and hotels from across the world. Customers can select their ideal vacation that fits inside their budget from a plethora of possibilities. will give your trip experience a fresh twist!

Yatra is one of India's most important businesses in the travel and tourism industry. The site is one of the primary choices for travel agents, corporate flyers, and hodophiles. 

Yatra Reviews, and tips:
Customers may use Yatra to book flights, hotels, and trains at the lowest possible rate. It also offers low-cost tour packages and quick cashback. Yatra users may also arrange car rentals on the go in a few simple clicks! Yatra is the top choice of travellers due to its quick services, simple payment options, and prompt customer support. So, if you want to have a fantastic trip experience with your friends and family, give Yatra a try!

OYO Rooms

OYO Rooms, sometimes known as OYO, is India's largest hotel brand, with locations in over 200 cities. This hotel chain is a global player having locations in the United States, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates. OYO serves as a one-stop shop for travellers, providing hotels as well as travel services. 

OYO Rooms Reviews: The platform provides comprehensive information on hotels and amenities, as well as packages and payment alternatives. The platform now hosts over 7500 hotels in India that are accessible at the most competitive prices. OYO has developed as one of India's biggest hotel and travel websites. So, book the best hotels from OYO Rooms at any time and from any location for an amazing experience.

Akbar Travels

Akbar Travels is a well-known online travel agency in India. It currently has 57 IATA-approved branches and 40 non-IATA-approved branches spread across the country. Customers can choose from a variety of trips and vacation packages on the platform. Customers can also book flights, trains, and hotels with Akbar Travels in the quickest amount of time. And there's more. All of the company's customers receive exceptional Hajj and Umrah rates. 

Akbar Travels Reviews and tips: Akbar travels can help you organise a comfortable Hajj or Umrah journey at a low cost. Akbar also offers tailored services to the corporate sector, such as exclusive excursions and holiday packages. So, relax and enjoy your favourite vacation spot without worrying about long lines at airports or hotels, and let Akbar Travels handle the details!

Hotels Combined

Hotels Combined is up next on our list. It is an online hotel and travel booking service established in Australia. It joined the Indian market a few years ago and quickly became one of the major travel websites in the country. Hotels Combined is a one-stop shop for business and leisure tourists alike. It provides low-cost yet high-quality hotel rates, as well as flights and vehicle rentals. 

Hotels combined Reviews and tips: You may book your vacation trip with Hotels Combined at any time and from any location. And there's more. The incredible offers offered on the platform will take your breath away! The company collaborates with a large number of hotels throughout the world to allow users to compare the best hotel prices. Did you know that? In 2013 and 2014, Hotels Combined was named the 'World's Leading Hotel Price Comparison Site!'

Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook Reviews, tips, all you need to know: Thomas Cook is another well-known name in the Indian internet travel industry. The company has a global presence in over 233 sites around the world. It is present in over 94 cities in India. The portal offers substantial savings on domestic and international travel packages. It also functions as a one-stop shop for all travel-related services. 

Customers can use Thomas Cook to arrange Foreign Exchange, renew their trip insurance, book hotels or rental vehicles, and conduct a variety of other things. It is one of India's most dependable travel websites. So, go at your leisure and take advantage of the greatest travel and accommodation packages available via Thomas Cook.