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US Student Visa Interview Questions And Answers 2023

Are you looking for the net for US student visa interview questions and answers? Search no more. You are in the right place.

Securing admission into a University in the United States is a call for celebration. However, this joy is often killed each time the student remembers that he/she must have a Visa Interview.

There are many occasions where students swear in visa interviews. Some even go on telling the interviewer how their dreams and admission offer will go down the sewer, should the interviewer rejects their application. Although this is true, it doesn't have to come to this. 

A visa interviewer is employed to confirm your purpose and aim of visiting the United States. That's all. An interviewer is not employed to reject your application or frustrate your ambition. 

While a US student visa interview is one of the most important parts of your visa application process, is not among the longest. Most student visa interviews last less than 4 minutes. 

Unlike what most international students think, a visa interviewer will not review all your documents. In most cases, they don't even request your documents. But it's still recommended to take along all your documents.

It is better to be safe than sorry.

USA F1 Visa - Commonly Asked Interview Questions And Answers For International Students 2023 - 2024

1. Why Have You Chosen This Specific University?

The tip to answering this question well is to know as much as possible about your choice of institution.

To do this, go through the website and handbooks of your university. Note the facilities they have in the school that make them stand out. Also note down your profile, the world ranking stats as well as their notable alumni.

And please, never let the interviewer know that the main reason you chose the university was that it was the only institution that accepted you. Even if this is the case, never mention it.

Try to figure things out, and also show your excitement a little bit. That way, the visa interviewer will know that you are enthusiastic about studying in the United States of America.

2. Which Universities Did You Apply To (Both Admits And Rejects)

What the visa interviewer is trying to know here is your level of seriousness, and how much passion you have for tertiary education.

Even if three universities rejected your application before the fourth accepted you, there is no cause for panic. Be honest and straightforward.

Be confident and have a composed face.

3. Where Did You Complete Your Bachelor's Degree Program?

If you are travelling to the United States for a master's degree program, this question will be asked.

What you should do here is to tell the interviewer the name of the course you studied and your Alma Mater. If your university has great accomplishments or a high ranking, you should mention it too.

Since you most probably studied outside the United States, the interviewer won't be familiar with the university and should believe whatever you say about it.

4. Who Is Sponsoring You?

If you are a beneficiary of a scholarship or financial aid in the United States, please mention that.

You should also mention your sponsor. It can be your father, mother, both of them, a distant relative or anyone that has a name.

5. What Does Your Father/mother Do?

What the visa interviewer is trying to do here is confirm of financial capability of your sponsor (s).

To answer this appropriately, you should browse through the Income Tax Returns (ITR), and supporting documents of your sponsors before the interview.

You should also know the average monthly income of your father, mother and your other sponsors. And don't just state that any of them is a businessperson or civil servant. Be specific about their job title and role.

6. What Is Your Father's/mother’s/sponsor’s Income?

Here, the visa interviewer wants to know if the average annual income of your sponsor is enough to cater for your expenses in the USA.

7. How Many Brothers And Sisters Do You Have?

Questions like this are always asked. And students showed various reactions. They were like "what the fuck does this have to do with my student visa?"

Well, it has a lot to do with it. This question is used to clarify whether your parents/sponsors have other family members that they will need to gather money for in the future.

It's just to evaluate the income and expense balance of your family.

The Bottom Line

There are a few other questions apart from this. The interviewer or visa officer might ask questions about your academic performance, your current job, your family members and their education.

Anyways, be very bold and confident. Make the interviewer think that you are enthusiastic and can also afford an education in the United States.

Once you excel in the interview, your student visa is sure. So stay strong, be calm and I wish you all the best!