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Working As A Part-time Student In California - Things To Know

Everything You Need To Know About Part-Time Jobs In the USA For International Students

Over 50% of the international students in the United States possess an F-1 visa. The F-1 visa is a non-immigrant study permit.

Since it's a study permit and not a work visa, F-1 visa holders can only work under specified regulations. This is due to the instructions laid down by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).

If you are thinking of working as a part-time student in California, then this post is for you. You will also learn:

  • How many hours are considered full time in California in 2022?
  • The categories of jobs available to part-time students
  • Jobs available to on-campus part-time students in California
  • How to find job vacancies and many more

Part-Time Jobs For International Students In California, USA

  1. On-campus jobs in USA for students in California or the USA 
  2. Off-campus jobs for students in California or the USA explained in general

On-campus Jobs

Working on-campus is the type of part-time job that is most allowed by the USCIS. In fact, it does not involve much paperwork or USCIS approval. 

If you desire to work as a part-time student in California, then you should take note of the guidelines below.

  • Your F-1 visa must be valid
  • You are allowed to work and earn money during school sessions, even up to 20 hours every week
  • During holidays and vacations, you are allowed to work full-time
  • The nature of your employment must be such that a United States citizen was not dismissed to create a vacancy for you

Off-campus Jobs

Apart from the bottleneck process, off-campus jobs always have strict guidelines. You should note the following guidelines if you wish to work off-campus as a part-time student in California.

  • Even if you have a job offer, it's illegal for you to work off-campus if you are not allowed to
  • Your F-1 student visa must be valid
  • You must show proof of financial hardship
  • The student must obtain all the needed work authorization in the form of OPT or CPT
  • The jobs may be related to your course of study or a part of the curriculum

The Top On-campus Jobs For Part-time Students in California, USA

Teaching Assistant

A Teaching Assistant assists a professor. Some of the daily job activities are preparation of lectures, preparation of assignments, helping students and lots more.

Research Assistant

Working as a part-time Research Assistant while studying in California is a very good plan. Your daily work activities will include assisting supervisors on their projects, collection of data and analysis, laboratory maintenance and many more.

Library Assistant

A Library Assistant helps to run the library. This involves recommending useful books, keeping records of library resources, helping customers, shelving books alongside other duties.

Peer Tutor

Peer Tutoring is one of the best jobs you can get while working as a part-time student in California. Your duty as a Peer Tutor is to coach another student (that may be a little below average in his/her academics).

You are to assist such students with course content, assignments, reports and a few other things.

Department Assistant

A Department Assistant offers support (not financially, but administrative) to a particular department in a faculty.

Catering Assistant and Food Runner

This is a good job option for students that have great catering skills. Your main work activities will include helping with preparation in the kitchen, maintaining domestic hygiene and also serving food and snacks to customers.

Campus Ambassador

The main duty of a Campus ambassador lies in the promotion of the school. As an Ambassador, you will have many opportunities to represent your school and also connect with new people.

Campus Tech Support

This is also another great job for students working as part-time students in California. You can apply for jobs like this if you are knowledgeable in the use and maintenance of computers. You can work at staff offices, libraries, lecture rooms and departments.

How To Find Part-time Jobs In California

Still interested in working as a part-time student in California? Here are some organizations and resources that can help you find vacancies.

Career Services Office

Each university has a career office. You can regularly visit the office for updates on part-time job vacancies.

University Work-study Programs

Most universities (public) usually have work-study programs. Here, they recruit students every session to work and earn for a few hours every week.

Student Unions

Student Unions and organizations can help your dream of working as a part-time student in California. They can be a source of valuable Intel.


Connecting to people like your coursemates, seniors and graduate students can help you find part-time jobs.

Online Platforms

The internet has always proven to be useful for situations like this. You should also visit your university’s website and online community regularly to keep track of part-time job opportunities.

How Many Hours Are Considered Full Time In California In 2022?

40 hours.

The maximum number of hours allowed in California varies, depending on the university. Some schools allow up to 15 hours per week, some 18 hours but the maximum number is 20 hours per week.

Anything aside that is considered full-time. A student can work full-time during holidays and vacations, even up to 40 hours.