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10 Best Insurance Travel Companies In Canada 2022

Travel Medical Insurance in Canada: Meaning, Best Companies, Benefits, Cost and Lots More

Some people still don't know what travel medical insurance is. According to a study, 13 per cent of Canadians are not sure if they have travel insurance before they go on vacation. 17 per cent of Canadians who have bought insurance don’t know what their policy covers.

Some people still think that travel medical insurance is a waste of money, especially when they already have other forms of health insurance.

Ok the contrary, this is not true. Most health insurance policies are only valid in-network and within Canada. If you travel to another country you will be out of your provider’s network. In this case, you will have to cater for the bills yourself should any health emergency arise.

Although not always compulsory (except on a few occasions), everyone in Canada needs to have travel medical insurance regardless of their age, health status, destination, or duration of travel.

The Best Insurance Travel Companies In Canada 2022

World Nomads

World Nomads is an international travel, lifestyle and insurance company. Through their website, they provide Canadians with international travel insurance and travel safety services.

Apart from medical insurance, World Nomads covers adventure sports, activities and work experiences. Their travel medical insurance also covers the loss and theft of sporting equipment.

World Nomads Review

If you are that loves thrills, enjoyment and fun, then World Nomads is the best for you.

Their standard policy covers emergency medical costs up to USD 5 million. It also provides insurance for emergency dental, trip cancellation and delays, loss, theft or damage of baggage, and lots more.

However, people older than 66 years of age are not eligible for travel medical insurance from World Nomads. See World Nomads website here.

CAA Travel Insurance

CAA Travel Insurance is a Canadian insurance company that provides on-demand travel plans to suit every type of travel, trip and vacation.

CAA Travel Insurance: Review

If you will be travelling alongside other family members and relatives, then CAA Travel Insurance is the best for you. Their policies are tailored and specially packaged for families.

Their USD 5 million insurance covers medical repatriation, emergency dental and compensation for pet care and kenneling. Their Vacation Package Plan offers full cancellation insurance for users that have their trip cancelled.

CAA Travel Insurance also covers family transportation and escort of children to safety, should any emergency arise. See the CCA Travel Insurance website here.

Blue Cross

Blue Cross, one of the best insurance travel companies in Canada has been in existence for more than 70 years now. Just so you know, 25 per cent of Canadians make use of Blue Cross travel insurance services.

Blue Cross Insurance Review

Of you are a Senior, Retiree or both, Blue Cross is most probably the best Canadian insurance travel company to make use of in 2022.

Their USD 5 Million emergency medical insurance now includes Serenity Service. It's a free feature that offers users some preferential treatment in case their trip is delayed. You can visit Blue Cross Insurance website here.

Travel CUTS Bon Voyage Insurance

So far so good, the Travel CUTS Bon Voyage Insurance has been the most affordable. Aside from the cheapness, it doesn't impose annoying insurance policies like some companies do.

As a student in Canada, you can also purchase an insurance policy from Travel CUTS Bon Voyage. Generally, anyone within the age of 15 to 50 years will be considered eligible.

Travel CUTS Bon Voyage Insurance Review

All you may need to know about Travel Cuts Bon Voyage. This insurance company should be your number one choice if you are someone that has a tight budget or is still a student.

Travel CUTS Bon Voyage Insurance policy covers medical expenses (up to USD 1 million), dental care, air ambulance evacuation, flight accident, accidental death, dismemberment, trip cancellation, adventure and extreme sports. You can visit Travel CUTS Bon Voyage Insurance website here.

Manulife CoverMe

Manulife provides highly comprehensive travel insurance packages for people travelling together as a family, a visitor to Canada, or a student.

Manulife CoverMe Insurance Review

Being one of the best insurance travel companies in Canada, Manulife is best for people with pre-existing medical conditions.

Customers will also get access to the nearest medical facility and local emergency telephone numbers if the need arises. See the Manulife CoverMe Insurance website here.

Medipac Travel Insurance

Medipac is a top choice, not only because it's one of the best insurance travel companies in Canada, but also due to other reasons.

Medipac Travel Insurance company is being run by medical experts. Each employee is a trained medical professional. As a result, they will be your first point of contact for any medical emergency.

Medipac Travel Insurance Review

Medipac is best for emergency medical assistance since all their employee are associated with the medical field.

This travel medical insurance has no age limits, provides a claim-free discount, and also offers a 90-day stability period for people with pre-existing medical conditions. You can visit the Medipac Travel Insurance website here.

How Much Does Travel Medical Insurance Cost in Canada in 2022?

As a Canadian, paying for travel medical insurance might seem like a waste of money and unnecessary cost. However, travel medical insurance is not in any way as expensive as most people think.

Generally, travel medical insurance policies can cost between USD 40 and USD 80. Note that higher coverage limits will also determine the cost of the policy.