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How To Apply For New Zealand Work Visa In 2022

Many skilled immigrants choose to work in New Zealand because the country requires new talent from other countries. 

However, New Zealand only accepts a small number of work visas per country. The type of work visa that you can apply for depends on how long you wish to stay in New Zealand and the type of job you are offered.

In this post, we have explained everything you need to know about New Zealand work visas in 2022. This includes how to apply, the requirements as well as other important things.

Why Should I Apply For a Work Visa in New Zealand?

You should apply for a visa to work in New Zealand if any of the following conditions apply to you.

1. If you have a job offer from a New Zealand employer or a big company in the country.
2. If you intend to travel to New Zealand for a specific work-related purpose or event.
3. If you have a legal partner in the country, and you want to join him/her and work.
4. If your home country has a special work scheme.
5. If you have been studying in New Zealand within the last few years. Note that you must present your student visa and also have enough qualifications.

Note: Not all work visas are temporary. Some can also lead to residence. Once you become a New Zealand resident, you will automatically have the right to live, study and work in the country for as long as you want.

What Challenges Will I Face When Applying For a New Zealand Work Visa?

Sometimes, it is very hard to get a work visa in New Zealand. This is as a result of the limited spots and short closing dates for application. If your country has a set quota, it means that work visa applications will open on a specified date. 

Usually, most applicants are given 59 days to apply (starting from the application date). However, the timeframe also depends on your home country as well as your country of residence (at the time of application).

Immediately the set quota for your country is filled up, you can no longer apply. Any citizen from your country as well can no longer apply. The only choice left is to apply for and obtain a New Zealand work visa in the following year.

That's why it's advisable to be very fast when applying for a New Zealand work visa in 2022. The maximum number of applicants allowed from a country can be as low as 50 at times.

However, a few countries like Canada, Japan, United Kingdom are given unlimited quotas. This means that as many as hundreds and thousands of citizens of such countries will be given a New Zealand work visa, as far as they meet up with the requirements.

Requirements for New Zealand’s Work Visa in 2022

Here are the general requirements you need to apply for a work visa in New Zealand. Each document submitted must be the original copy or a certified one.

1. Proof of identity. You will need to submit a passport or certificate of identity and two acceptable visa photographs.
2. Proof of good health. For this, you must answer a health questionnaire and also have a chest x-ray. You will also be required to have an examination after you arrive in New Zealand.
3. Proof of good character. You must answer a character questionnaire. You will also need to provide a Police Certificate from your home country and any other country that you have resided in for a minimum of 5 years after clocking 17 years old.
4. You must also tender proof of your sincerity.

How to Apply Online for a New Zealand Work Visa in 2022?

However, you won't need to create a RealMe account if you’re applying for a working holiday visa or a Silver Fern Job Search Visa.

You should have all the required documents ready for upload before beginning your New Zealand work visa application.

How Much Does a Work Visa Cost in New Zealand in 2022?

Generally, there are two costs involved when applying for a New Zealand work visa. One is a visa fee and the other one is an immigration levy. 

However, these costs are not the same in all countries. Some countries have higher fees than others. Few countries also have a fee-waiver agreement with New Zealand. Either way, it will be indicated among your work visa requirements.

1. Partnership and Work to Residence Work Visa costs NZD 580 (USD 390)
2. Entrepreneur Work Visa costs NZD 3,310 (USD 2,230)
3. Working Holiday Visa costs NZD 190 (USD 130)
4. Working Holidaymaker Extension Visa costs NZD 190 (USD 130)
5. Other Work Visas cost around NZD 440 (USD 300)