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Moving to Australia from the UK: 2022 Guide

Are you considering moving to Australia from the UK? You are not alone in that regard. Australia is the most popular destination for UK travellers, with about 1.3 million of them residing there.

Australia has many things that British newcomers can benefit from. That includes a shared language, culture, and a close relationship with the United Kingdom. Australia also has sunny weather, a good standard of living as well as beautiful beaches.

In this blog post, we will discuss the main things you should know and plan ahead of when moving to Australia from the UK in 2022.

Can I Move to Australia From the UK in 2022?

Of course, you can! However, the immigration system in Australia is very strict. They make use of a points-based system. This makes it very hard to immigrate there if you.

You stand a better chance if you have a family member living in Australia as a citizen. Other things that can increase your chances of being picked is if you are a skilled worker, or if an Australian employer is the one sponsoring you to come and work.

What Are the Common Ways to Immigrate to Australia From the UK in 2022?

1. Family-stream Permanent Residence Visa

This type is for UK candidates that have legal partners, children or dependent relatives as Australian nationals or permanent residents.

2. Work-stream Permanent Residence Visa

If you have already been offered a job in Australia, and your employer is sponsoring your immigration, then this type of Visa is the one to apply for.

You should also apply for this visa if you have some certain academic/career achievements or possess some skills needed in the Australian market at the time.

3. Business or Investment-stream Permanent Residence Visa

This type of Australian visa is for entrepreneurs and investors that want to start a new business, or want to invest in existing businesses in the country.

Basic Things to Know as a UK Expat in Australia

1. The country's currency is Australian Dollars (AUD)
2. The official language is the English language
3. The total population in Australia is approximately 25.7 million
4. The population of British ex-pats like you is approximately 1.3 million. So don't be surprised if your next-door neighbour or colleague at your place of work is a British citizen
5. The most popular cities where British foreigners reside are Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide

How Much Money do You Need to Move to Australia From the UK?

The cost of living in Australia is almost the same as that of the UK, except in a few instances. Groceries can be 40 per cent more expensive. Transportation and housing are also a little bit expensive in Australia. However, utility bills are more affordable than in the UK.

According to Wise, here is a breakdown of common expenses you may want to look at.

1. A three-course meal for two people costs around £50 in Australia, the same as the UK
2. A draught beer is around £4.45, compared to £3.70 back in the UK
3. A loaf of bread is around £1.55, compared to £0.98 in the UK
4. A monthly public transport pass is approx. £83, compared to £65 in the UK
5. Rent for a one-bedroom city centre apartment is around £900, compared to £745 in the UK
6. Utilities for a typical apartment are around £122 a month, compared to £155 in the UK

Looking for Somewhere to Live in Australia?

The main cities in Australia are the most preferable destinations for new immigrants. These include Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

It's a great idea to get to Australia beforehand, in order to look out for places to rent or buy. However, if you want to begin your search before you leave the UK, you can check out apartments from these websites.

Finding a Job in Australia?

If you are qualified to work in Australia, and if your visa permits it, you should start searching for job vacancies. This is a thing you can do before leaving the UK. 

You can also wait till you reach Australia before hunting for jobs, as far as you have enough money to sustain yourself. Either way, here are some good websites to start your search:

  1. Careerone
  2. Adzuna
  3. Jobactive
  4. Seek is a better option for careers and job hunting advice
  5. GradAustralia is a great option for graduates.