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Best Top Universities in Portugal for English students 2022

Studying in Portugal

Are you an English student looking for an aesthetic place rich in culture with mild weather and a green-rich environment to study in Europe? Then picking any of top Portugal Universities is just the right thing to do in the country for you. Today you will discover the Best Universities in Portugal for English students in 2022 and all you need to know.

Portugal is a southern European country on the Iberian Peninsula, bordering Spain. Portugal is home to various landscapes, and nestled in them are some of the world's most gorgeous places. This Southern European country is laid-back and welcoming, bordered by the sea under a warm sun.

Asides from being a beautiful country with spectacular tourist attractions, the Portuguese are very nice and easy-going people. They will try to make you feel at home, and this is more evident the further North you go in the country.

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The quality of public education in Portugal is good. It has a well-established university system and highly ranked world-class universities providing academic opportunities for years.

How do I find the Best University in Portugal for English or international Students?

Looking for the top universities in Portugal you can attend even if you are an English student? International students rate Portugal as a very good study destination in Europe

In a list of 11 awarded institutions, two top universities in Portugal received Certificates for Outstanding Student Satisfaction, with average ratings of 9.5 out of 10: the University of Aveiro and the University of Coimbra. In addition, below is a list of 10 universities that offer English taught programs recommended for English students.

1. University of Lisbon - Reviews, Costs and acceptance rates

The University of Lisbon is the largest and most prestigious University in Portugal and Europe's leading universities. In 2013, the old classical University of Lisbon merged with the Technical University of Lisbon to form what is now known as the University of Lisbon. 

The University of Lisbon brings together various areas of knowledge and has a privileged position for facilitating the contemporary evolution of science, technology, arts and humanities. The quality of teaching, research, innovation and culture of the University is attracting an ever-increasing amount of talent from around the world.

It is one of the most dynamic and innovative universities in the country, ranked "501" by the times higher education for 2021. The University offers a variety of English-taught programs, which include management, economics, chemistry, materials engineering, environmental studies, information networking and many others. 

The faculty of medicine at the University of Lisbon is considered the best medical school in Portugal. If you wish to study medicine in Portugal, you can take up an integrated Masters in medicine course. It is a six-year program that covers a three-year degree in basic medical studies followed by the master of medicine cycle. 

Cost of studying in Lisbon - The tuition ranges from 2000 to 3000 Euros.

2. University of Algarve - Reviews, Costs and acceptance rates

The University of Algarve, which was founded in 1979, is a Portuguese public higher education institution located in the southern region of mainland Portugal and is one of Portugal's younger universities. The University has its headquarters and three out of its four campuses in Faro; namely the Gambelas, Penha and Health School campuses and another campus in Portimao.

The University has witnessed significant growth in student population with a vast International community totaling 18% of the school's total population. The University of Algarve is ranked "801" by the times higher education for 2021. The tuition ranges from 2000 to 2500 euros per year and can be paid in installments.

3. University of Coimbra - Reviews, Costs, and acceptance rates

The University of Coimbra is a Portuguese public university in Coimbra, Portugal. First established in Lisbon in 1290, it went through several relocations until moving permanently to Coimbra in 1537. 

The University is among the oldest universities in continuous operation in the world, the oldest in Portugal, and played an influential role in the development of higher education in the Portuguese-speaking world.

The University is particularly popular with technology and science students. It is home to the largest science faculty in the country. located South of the country, It offers a wide range of programs for both nationals and international students. 

The University boasts of a quality standard of education and research programs. It also offers affordable tuition ranging from 2700 to 3000 euros depending on the course of study. English master's programs to include psychology, economics, architecture, landscape, archaeology, applied ecology, and other programs.

4. University of Aveiro - Reviews, Costs, and acceptance rates

This is the second oldest University in Portugal. The University of Aveiro is a public university, located in the Portuguese city of Aveiro. Founded in 1973, it has a student population of approximately 12,500, distributed among 58 graduates, 40 Masters of Science and 25 PhD programs, distributed by departments and autonomous sections, with specialized faculties. It is a Research & Development university, with research departments developing programmes in fundamental and applied mathematics, physics, chemistry, telecommunications, robotics, bioinformatics, sea sciences, materials, design, business administration and industrial engineering.

The University offers English taught programs for masters and PhD students only. The tuition range is from 2500 to 3000 euros and it can be paid in instalments. It is ranked "601" by the times higher education for 2021.


5. Polytechnic Institute of Leiria - Reviews, Costs, and acceptance rates

Polytechnic of Leiria is a public institution of Higher Education that offers training courses on an Undergraduate Degree, Masters, Post-Graduate, Technology Specialization and Preparation Courses for Access to Higher Education level. It began its activity in 1980 and is present in the Leiria and West region through its five schools, divided into five campuses, located in the cities of Leiria; School of Education and Social Sciences, School of Technology and Management and School of Health Sciences, School of Fine Art and Design and School of Tourism and Maritime Technology. 

The Institute of leira offers Undergraduate and master's degrees courses in Art and Design, Law studies, Education and Communication, Engineering and Technology and Tourism and Health. English taught programs to include engineering (civil, computer, electronics, electrical) product design, graphics design, management and tuition for these courses are cheap.

6. University of Porto - Reviews, Costs, and acceptance rates

University of Porto public university located in Porto, and founded on 22 March 1911. 

After the University of Lisbon, it is the second-largest Portuguese university by several enrolled students and has one of Portugal's most noted research outputs.

The University is excellent for the study of public health. It offers a master's course in public health in collaboration with the Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Abel Salazar. For four semesters, students take on epidemiology, biostatistics, and the social sciences for a holistic approach to health and wellness. The course is taught in English and is backed by international partnerships with European health research and training associations for public health.

7. University of Beira interior Reviews, Costs, and acceptance rates

The University of Beira Interior is a public university located in the city of Covilhã, Portugal. It was created in 1979 and has about 6,879 students distributed across a multiplicity of graduation courses, awarding all academic degrees in medicine, biochemistry, biomedical sciences and industrial design to aeronautical engineering, fashion design, mathematics, economics and philosophy. The University is named after the historical Beira region, meaning Beira Interior, the most interior area of Beira, mainly composed of Guarda and the district of Castelo Branco, in today's Centro region.

It is ranked "601" by the times higher education for 2021. The University divides its academic year into semesters. A year of bachelor's or master's study will cost around 5,767 US dollars.

8. Catholic University of Portugal - Reviews, Costs, and acceptance rates

The Catholic University of Portugal is a concordat university (non-state-run University with concordat status) headquartered in Lisbon and with four locations: Lisbon, Braga Porto and Viseu. Besides the four centres in Portugal, UCP also has the University of Saint Joseph in Macau as its affiliate. It is ranked "351" by the times higher education for 2021. 

9. Lusophone University - Reviews, Costs, and acceptance rates

Lusophone University of Humanities and Technologies is the largest Portuguese private University, and the main institution of Grupo Lusófona, which administers other universities and colleges in Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Angola, Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique. Indeed, the promotion of Lusophony (the speaking of Portuguese) is seen as a major objective of the institution; students from former Portuguese African colonies pay substantially reduced fees.

A wide range Of online courses is available for the students. The school has a standard library and dormitories. In addition, there are facilities in place that allow students to participate in any sport of their liking. 

The cost of tuition is around 7,500 US dollars. 

10. Polytechnic Institute of Braganca - Reviews, Costs, and acceptance rates

The Polytechnic Institute of Bragança is a Portuguese Higher Education Public Institution with 7000 undergraduate and master students, embracing a wide area of knowledge and technology, including agriculture sciences, arts and sports, education and teachers' training, informatics and engineering, administration and management, health, communication and tourism.

The Institute belongs to the European Network for Universities of Applied Sciences (UASnet). Its main objectives include the transferability of professional skills and applying applied research in their professional and technological education mission. Besides the academic programs taught in the Portuguese language, the Institute offers bachelor and master programs fully lectured in English. And Portuguese language and culture courses for international students.

It is the cheapest and most affordable school in Portugal, with tuition ranging from 1,316 to 200 euros.

Like every other school abroad, applications have certain processes which must be adhered to for an effective and smooth admission process.


If your study course is longer than three months, you will most likely need a visa to study in Portugal. The visa rules for international students in Portugal depend on the nationality of the student and the duration of the course:

For a study course longer than three months:

Non-Europian, European Area or swiss citizens: Student visa required. You will also need a residence permit.

Best Engineering Universities in Portugal for English Speaking Students

There are many engineering universities in Portugal that offer excellent courses. If you're looking for the best engineering universities in Portugal, here are some of the top options:

- The University of Porto offers a wide range of engineering courses, including mechanical engineering, computer engineering, and more.

- The Technical University of Lisbon is another great option for engineering students, offering a variety of engineering courses.

- The Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra is another excellent choice for engineering students, with a wide range of engineering courses on offer.

Whichever university you choose, you're sure to receive a high-quality education in engineering. Portugal is an excellent place to study engineering and there are many great engineering universities to choose from.

How do I apply to study at the top universities in Portugal?

Studying in Portugal for European, European area or Swiss citizens: 

A student visa is not required, but you will have to register your stay with the local authorities.

For a study course shorter than three months:

Non-European, European area, or Swiss citizens: A student visa is required only for nationalities who typically need a Portugal Schengen Visa. 

People from many countries, such as the US., Australia, Canada, can enter Portugal with just their passport for up to three months, during which time they can even take a short study course.

For Europe's, European area, or Swiss citizens, a Student visa is not required.

Full list of Portugal Student Visa Application Requirements for international students.

When you apply for a student visa for Portugal, you will have to submit the following documents as part of the application:

  1. Your valid passport (or travel document)
  2. Letter of Acceptance from your University.
  3. Proof you have paid the tuition fees. If you have a scholarship, submit a document from your University confirming it.
  4. Two passport-size pictures, taken recently. They must follow Schengen picture guidelines.
  5. Portugal student visa application form. The Embassy will usually provide this for you.
  6. Proof you have enough financial means to sustain your stay. This can be either bank statements, a scholarship, proof of financial aid, or proof of sponsorship.
  7. Proof you have accommodation in Portugal. This can be a rental contract, accommodation from your university (dorms) or a letter of invitation from a family member/friend with whom you will live in Portugal.
  8. A Certificate of Criminal Records.
  9. Proof of Schengen travel health insurance. After you arrive in Portugal, you will also get adequate health insurance from a private company

Where to Apply for Portugal Student Visa?

To apply for a Portugal student visa, you must contact the Portuguese Embassy responsible for your country of residence. In addition, you must already have the Letter of Acceptance from your University.

Step by Step Guide of Portugal student visa application process 2022:

Here is an outline of the application process in 2022:

  • Get the Letter of Acceptance from your University.
  • Find out where to submit your application. You can find out by visiting the website of the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Schedule an appointment/interview with the Embassy.
  • Complete the Portugal Student Visa application form.
  • Collect the documents needed for the application.
  • Pay the required student visa fee. Again, the Embassy should inform you in regards to the payment method (online, via bank transfer, cash etc).
  • On the date of your appointment, you must submit the required documents. If the Embassy is in another country, you may be able to mail the documents instead.
  • Wait for the visa to be processed.
  • If you receive the visa, you can travel to Portugal.

After you arrive, you must schedule an appointment with the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) to get your residence permit. The residence permit allows you to live in Portugal for the duration of your studies, although you may need to renew it after one year.