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Top 10 Beaches In Kenya for Your Next Vacation

Kenya is a country situated in the Eastern region of Africa. It is widely known for its game reserves and wildlife safaris.

However, what most people don't know is that Kenya has a very long coastline along the Indian Ocean. And for this reason, Kenya has a lot of beautiful beaches.

On these beaches, you can have fun as you like, participate in water sports, have access to amazing views, and do a whole lot of other things. But as you probably haven't been to Kenya, you won't know which beach to visit, that's why we have compiled a list of the top 10 beaches in Kenya for your next vacation and quality time with family friends, partner or/and loved ones in Kenya, Africa.

1. Diani Beach

Diani Beach is the best beach in Kenya, based on the number of visitors every year. It's not only the most popular but also accessible from Mombasa, the second-largest city in Kenya.

Diani Beach has a lot of modern amenities, comfortable bars, great restaurants and more than enough beachfront resorts.

This beach is also near Tiwi Beach. In fact, their distance is just a mile apart.

2. Watamu Village

Yes. Watamu Village. This fascinating village is situated just along the country's coastline. It is very popular for its uniquely white sand.

Watamu Village is actually a part of the Watamu National Marine Park. This makes it a good place for scuba diving, snorkelling and swimming.

The coral reefs at the Watamu village has diverse underwater creatures that have multiple colours.

3. Lamu Beaches

Lamu Island is located on the North coast of Kenya. On this island, the most common means of transportation are donkeys. This is very good, as it allows people to move freely about without having to watch out for oncoming vehicles.

One of the common features of the Lamu beaches is the dhow boat. With this boat, you can sail around and explore many beaches located on Lamu island.

4. Malindi Beach

Malindi is one of the top 10 beaches in Kenya. It is widely known as the place where Vasco de Gama, the popular explorer landed in Africa.

Malindi Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Kenya that has a soothing climate, beautiful scenery and many hotels and resorts just in front of the water.

5. Tiwi Beach

Tiwi Beach has situated ok the South coast of Mombasa. You can get to this beach from the city by ferry. This is great news, as it means your touring and amazing holiday has started even before arriving at your destination.

Although Tiwi Beach is a little bit small in size, it has a lot of fun features and activities.

6. Shanzu Beach

Shanzu Beach is located off the Mombasa-Malindi Highway. The water body on this beach is very clear and refreshing. Moreover, the sand there is very white and littered with coconut palm trees. 

Shanzu Beach has many hotels and resorts, making it easier for you to find a place where you can stay and enjoy tasty seafood every blessed day.

7. Nyali Beach

Nyali Beach is situated on the outskirts of Mombasa. It is just outside the city, making logistics very comfortable.

Nyali Beach is not always crowded, which makes it a good place to surf. You can make sandcastles on the beach, or you can just stroll next to the water and feel the tides brushing smoothly against your foot.

8. Manda Toto Island

Manda Toto is a small island situated on the northeast coast of Manda. Earlier in this post, we talked about Lamu island.

Well, Manda Toto isn't very far from Lamu island. All you need to do is take a boat and you will reach either end in 40 minutes.

There is no modern infrastructure on Manda Toto, making it very fresh, natural and eco-friendly.

9. Bamburi Beach

Bamburi Beach can be found on the North coast of Mombasa. There is a coral reef on this beach, making it a great spot for snorkelling, scuba diving and underwater exploration.

Bamburi Beach is one of the top 10 beaches in Kenya for getaways. You can ride on the back of a camel along the sands while enjoying the beautiful views that nature has provided.

10. Kilifi Beach

Kilifi Beach is situated just a few miles north of Mombasa city. It's a small coastal resort that has sugar sand beaches and lush greenery. The greenery borders the sandy coastline, separating it from the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

You can sail around and explore the beach on the Kenyan local boat, also known as the dhow. Also, don't forget to try the dawas cocktail. It's a cuisine garnished with a piece of local sugar cane.