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100 Best Government Jobs for Immigrants in Sweden for 2023/2024

Best Government jobs for Immigrants in Sweden

Looking for a comfortable and well-paying job in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo, Vasteras or any great place in Sweden that is approved by the government? Are you off the shores of Sweden and thinking of immigrating but double-minded because you seem not to have found a reasonable job to settle down with when you land in Sverige, Sweden?

Search no more, because we've got you covered. Take your time as you read through our content to help open your eyes to this list of well-paying and best government jobs in Sweden in 2023-2024 for immigrants or foreigners.


This is one perfect job for English speakers in Sweden. Offered by the H&M group, the customer service center in Boras, Sweden, is looking for summer workers who are fluent in English( both spoken and written) and also in Swedish.
According to the H&M group, the start date of the Job is set for the 2nd of May and runs through to the 27th of August(Week 18- Week 34) 

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Job description:

• Communicate clearly:
Part of the contact with customers is in writing. Therefore, the ability to articulate thoughts in words is highly imperative.

• Always be current on H&M's latest initiatives and activities as rich knowledge is key for good customer service.

• Provide ''Out of this world'' service to customers– Relation with customers via phone or email is essential to the customer's shopping experience.


  • Good IT understanding
  • Ability to communicate in English (orally and in writing)
  • Efficiency in Routine tasks
  • A good approach to solving every customer's challenge.

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The company Barnakademin is a government approved and they offer creative child care in Sweden. They operate in Stockholm and have provided families in Stockholm with quality babysitting over the Years.

What they are looking for?
• Persons who are social, responsible, and creative
• Persons who are Bilingual(Swedish and English)
• Persons who are available to work at least the afternoon/week

What do they offer?
•A fun, flexible part-time job. A job that doesn't restrict you
•Competitive salary. They offer a good start salary compared to others in the same line
•Close contact with the central office and other babysitters

Note: They accept applications in both English and Swedish
You can send applications to www.barnvaktistockholm.se


They are looking for someone who wants to be responsible for their new office located close to Faltoversten.
You will often be the front line of the company– the first people visitors and employees see. And the Job will be to make our employees feel excited and engaged in the office environment. Karma is the name of the company.

•Planning and organizing company events and activities
•Making sure the office is clean and tidy ( Don't worry, we have a cleaning company)
•Onboarding of new employees
• Administrative tasks
•Get to do a lot of spontaneous and fun tasks when a department needs help.

They are looking for:
- A confident person in speaking and writing in English and Swedish
-Persons with exceptional organization skills with attention to detail
-Experienced persons in the office managing

-Positive attitude
-Interact with visitors


Another good work to find in Sweden is the job of a guide. This is one of the best jobs for English speakers offered By the 'Find My Guides' (FMG) They are in search of knowledgeable and passionate hosts to join their team in Stockholm to deliver private and personalized walking experiences to small groups of travelers.
You to not have to be a professional tour host/guide and you do not need to be for everyone because FMG matches people with the right hosts. All you need to be is passionate about your city and help our clients know your city as much as you do.

Basic requirements:
•Lived in Stockholm for a minimum of one year
•Should be able to speak French, Spanish, Italian, and English
•French Level: Fluent

To apply, you can click the link below to redirect you to their website

•Bonus scheme
•Flexible working hours
•Discounted/Free food
•700SEK per day


Do you have a passion for providing stability and support to an organization? Do you enjoy being part of a complex business and thrive in a high-paced environment? Do you want to work with a versatile team of leaders? Then Cambio has a job for you.

Job Description:
Your job is to support the management team in both administrative and operational duties. You have a broad responsibility to provide sufficient tasks and routines such as assisting in strategic initiatives, communicating with customers and employees, performing liaisons, etc.

You will handle confidential information working with the leadership team and so it is important that you are a person of integrity.

''Trust'', ''Care'' and ''Together'' are our three core values at Cambio.

Post-secondary education within management, communication, business administration, or similar.

  • Fluency in both English and Swedish
  • Great knowledge of MS office
  • Organization skills

There are bonuses for you if you:
•Are experienced working within a Software Company
•Highly skilled in Powerpoint

Visit Cambio's website ==> www.delcambio.it to apply

Other Government Jobs in Sweden for Immigrants:
6. Senior Manager, Government Affairs (Bristol Myers Squibb Careers)
7. Corporate Account Manager, Central Government (Citrix Careers)
8. Senior Government Climate Policy Expert (Bebee Sweden)
9. Managed Services Data Product Manager (AWS OR GCP OR Azure)
10. GRC Cloud Advisor.