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Best Coffee Shops in London, Ontario When You Visit

Best Coffee Shops in London, Ontario

Today we will be reviewing the Best Coffee Shops in London, Ontario When You Visit. As much as you may be visiting London, Ontario in Canada for vacation or you probably went to see a family or some friends, there will be times when the weather gets pretty cold while you would like to enjoy that weather by stepping out or perhaps you would just need where to relax, so you would ask yourself, why not try some of the best cafes in London, Ontario? Will they have awesome baked good coffees and black walnut as well, let us find out.

Discovering the best coffee shops near you if you're there right now might be a time-consuming task, as a matter of fact you might spend alot of money on the prices of various coffees in London, Ontario before you finally find the perfect place and taste for you, that is why we have come up with a really simple list of the nicest cafes and coffee shops you can find in London, Ontario, to save you all that time, money and energy you would have spent finding the best coffee place in Ontario, Canada.

To make things easy for us, I compiled for you a sweet, unbiased review of some of my favourite cafés and coffee shops in London, Ontario (the lesser-known London). This can also pass for the best coffee shops to go for a date with your partner. So, get inspired and discover your new favourite café!

Let us Review the Best Coffee Shops in London, Ontario in 2022


The best Espresso

The 10Eighteen is a tiny and eccentric cafe that serves pour-over coffee and sells vats of local komboucha. I believe that 10Eighteen provides the greatest espresso of any café on this list. They are unquestionably the café that focuses the most on the coffee itself (something a chronic coffee drinker like myself appreciates).

There's also an amazingly fantastic menu with sandwiches, salads, and another cafe cuisine. 10Eighteen is also fond of charcuterie platters.

One disadvantage is the restricted seating. Meeting a buddy is doable, but I wouldn't go here for an all-day study session.


A London institution

The Black Walnut is a traditional London coffeehouse. They have two locations: one on Richmond Street and one in Wortley Village. The coffee and espresso are excellent (albeit not my favorite on this list), but the appetizers are decent but not spectacular. 

What draws me in are the fantastic coffee, nice meal selections, and wonderful outside terraces. Both feature tables outdoors, which makes them ideal for people-watching while drinking an iced coffee on a nice afternoon. Also, the downtown location is directly next to Havens Ice Cream, which is, in my view, the perfect food to have with an espresso.


 Locally roasted coffee blends.

Another legendary London Cafe is Fire Roasted. They have two cafes in the Old East End of London (one at Dundas St. & Adelaide St. and the others). Both cafes feature comfortable seating and large windows. I also like having an excuse to get out of London - I spend so much of my time downtown or in Old North.

Most importantly, Fire Roasted Coffee has excellent mixes of locally roasted coffee (you can actually visit the roastery at the Dundas & Adelaide location).


Damn good donuts

CommonWealth is a nice and simple cafe with a variety of beverages. Espresso made by hand. Mocha White Chocolate Blackberry. Cold Brew Tea with Strawberry Lemonade and a cocktail menu that changes monthly? Please sign me up. But it's the doughnuts that set CommonWealth apart - your taste senses will be in heaven. You will not be hungry with so many wonderful drink options and delectable nibbles.

The tables are a little tiny, and the outlets are few and far between, so this is a better cafe for meeting up with friends than studying for lengthy periods of time. This is also one of the more Instagrammable eateries in London, Ontario.


The greatest vegan restaurant

Plant Matter Cafe, as the name indicates, is entirely vegan. To be entirely honest, I have conflicting views about it. Some of their beverages (the Chai Latte) are great, and every now and then I get a quality baked treat (I have to say, their vegan doughnuts are rather outstanding).

However, as someone who enjoys heavy cream in their coffee and eggs in their pastries, I struggle with this entirely vegan eatery. That being said, Plant Matter Cafe is the greatest option if you are vegan or have a vegan friend who came, and that is why I included it on this list.


The finest studying café

Everyone knows about Williams, and it's so overused that I was afraid to mention it. But when it comes to studying for extended periods of time, Williams is unrivalled. It has booths with wide tables, so if you're studying with a textbook, notes, and a laptop, a charming and modest cafe table isn't going to cut it. You need somewhere to SPRAWL. And, unlike other cafes, Williams offers a diverse food menu that will keep you satisfied for hours. They serve delectable paninis, fantastic salads, and delectable desserts. I regularly go to the Williams on Richmond Street, which is conveniently located near public transportation.


Reset Social Bakery has rapidly becomes my go-to spot. 

The espresso at Reset is fantastic. The Cafe Has Been Reset (a latte with chocolate, cinnamon, caramel and cayenne pepper is a personal favourite).

There are several delectable delights as well as hefty dinners. I generally grab one of the bowls plus a cookie or banana bread. There is decent internet WiFi available at the cafe and some seats, making it a nice study area (except on weekends, when it becomes crowded and there is rarely a spare seat).


The newcomers to the neighbourhood

I haven't tried Origins Co. yet, although it has recently opened in London. But, since I've heard positive things about it, I decided it was only fair to include it on the list (albeit at the bottom of the post).

Origins & Co. is located at the junction of Talbot and King Streets. It's more of a grab-and-go establishment, with minimal seating and roadside food. Having said that, the coffee is well-received, and its closeness to the city center makes it handy.


Asmara Coffee House provides a typical coffee experience to its customers. 

Asmara is the capital city of Eritrea, a small African country known for its innovative techniques of brewing coffee straight from coffee seeds.

It's a terrific location to get nice, organic Ethiopian coffee, which is unquestionably better. The coffee is freshly roasted in the café, and you may also purchase fresh coffee seeds to brew at home. There are also lots of breakfast and lunch alternatives to complement the coffee.


Edgar and Joe's Café is unique in that it is owned and run by Goodwill Industries, an American non-profit organization. It was founded with the 'goal' of supporting the community in a variety of ways. Provide employment training to young apprentices and prepare them for the hotel management profession, provide nice and nutritious cuisine, and create community collaboration.

They provide fresh, local, and healthy food at a fair price. The décor is modern and simple, with a specific emphasis on natural light; it is recommended for breakfast and brunch.