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List of Unskilled Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship 2023

You are here because you want to see how to get an unskilled job in Canada right? It is interesting to consider the vast array of unskilled jobs that can be done in Canada for 2023 and how the country has a lot of room for skilled applicants. There are some so general it's difficult to find those that would require much training at all, such as waitresses and salesman. Let us give you a guide on how to navigate this journey as an unskilled worker who wants to find hope of earning a decent income in Canada.

Getting Started - What are unskilled jobs in Canada?

In Canada, unskilled jobs are those that do not require a university education or special training. This can include positions such as shop assistants, manual laborers, and housekeepers. Unskilled workers are often lower-paid than skilled workers, but it can still provide a good wage for those who are willing to put in the hours. 

There are many unskilled jobs available in Canada, especially in the service industry. Many of these positions come with visa sponsorship, so if you are looking for unskilled work in Canada, there are plenty of options available to you.

Apply for Top Unskilled jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship 2023

If you would like to be an unskilled worker with visa sponsorships there are different types for you and they require no formal education or training. These positions are typically entry-level and may be beneficial for those who are new to the workforce or are looking for a career change. Some examples of unskilled jobs in Canada include:

  • Food service worker
  • Butchers and Meat-Cutters
  • Nursery and Greenhouse Workers
  • Harvesting Labourers
  • Dishwasher
  • Busboy/girl
  • Shop keeper
  • Waiter/waitress
  • Bartender
  • Host/hostess
  • Delivery person
  • Retail sales associate
  • Janitorial staff
  • Maintenance worker
  • Housekeeper

Requirements for Unskilled Job Application in Canada, how do I apply?

A lot of people from Asia and Africa, India, and Nigeria precisely ask these questions, is there any job visa in Canada for unskilled workers? how to get an unskilled job in Canada from India or Nigeria? There are many requirements for unskilled job applicants in Canada. To apply for an unskilled position, you will need a valid passport, a resume, and a cover letter. 

You may also need to provide references, transcripts, and other supporting documentation. In order to be eligible for an unskilled position in Canada, you must have a high school diploma or equivalent. If you do not have a high school diploma, you may still be able to apply if you have relevant work experience or post-secondary education. To apply for an unskilled position in Canada, you can submit your application online or in person. 

Most employers prefer online applications, but some may require that you submit your application in person. The first is to contact Canadian businesses directly and inquire about any open positions. Another option is to search online job boards, such as Indeed or Craigslist, for any open positions that match your skillset. 

Finally, you can reach out to Canadian immigration consultants who may be able to help you find a suitable position based on your specific qualifications. When applying for an unskilled position in Canada, be sure to include all relevant information about your qualifications and experience. Incomplete applications will likely not be considered.


There are plenty of unskilled jobs in Canada that come with visa sponsorship. If you're looking for an unskilled job in Canada, we hope this list has been helpful. We've included a variety of different types of unskilled jobs so that you can find the perfect one for your skillset and interests. Remember to research each option carefully before applying, and good luck!