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About Us

About us, THE MIGRATION HQ website -

We work with industry leaders, researchers and writers to bring you the most accurate and comprehensive information about Scholarships, Visa Guides, Jobs and Education. We are an authority blog & online publication dedicated to freely educate our readers.

From time to time we publish and share articles, helpful guides and resources here to help students, skilled and unskilled persons (workers), friends or families and business persons who need immigration or visa guides, career guides, and various categories.

Scholarships and grants offered by institutions, organisations, and public figures from many countries spread all over the world are discussed and shared here. 

Be confident and feel free to apply for anyone which supports and recognises your potential and eligibility.

We (this blog) will never ask you to pay any money or request you to send sensitive data in exchange for the information/services we share across to you as you apply or try your chances of getting your scholarships or visa approval. All the information that is published or discussed here (https://www.themigrationhq.com) are properly researched and are available for free.

This blog/website does not offer visas or visa services, we provide information and useful answers that can help or guide users but we are not offering visas, scholarships or any form of grants, neither are we affiliated with any such aforementioned offices online or offline.

We encourage you to use and share our news and articles.

Contacting us

If you have questions, feedbacks or have something important to tell us, please send us a mail here ==> hello [at] themigrationhq.com 

We will respond to you within 72 hours.